Unstoppable:Longest killstreak
Sharpshooter: Most headshots
Wingman: Most assists
Devastation: Highest multikill
Clutch Player: Match Winning Kill
The Feared: Most kills
MVP: Most kills/Fewest deaths
Overkill: Most kills/Most headshots
Steamroller: Most kills/Longest killstreak
The Show: 10 kills/No deaths
Supernatural: Kill/Death ratio over 10
Decimator: Killed entire enemy team without dying
Immortal: Highest kill/death ratio
Juggernaut: Fewest deaths
Pathfinder Most UAVs
Top Gun: Most airstrikes
Air Ops: Most helicopters
Flanker: Most kills from behind
Blindfire: Most bullet penetration kills
Vengeful: Most paybacks
Avenger: Most avenger kills
Rescuer: Most rescues
Marksman: Most longshots
Upriser: Most kills of higher rank
Revenge: Most last stand kills
Executioner: Most execution kills
Genocidal: Most multikills
Rally: Most comebacks
Lifer: Longest life
Statuesque: Most stationary kills
Lights Out: Most tactical insertions prevented
Shell Shocked: Most explosions survived
Unbreakable: Most bullets deflected
Blinder: Most flashbang hits
Stunner: Most stun grenade kills
Hot Potato: Most grenades thrown back
None Spared: Killed entire enemy team
6th Sense: No deaths from behind
Switchblade: Most knife kills
Hard Boiled: Most pistol kills
Grenadier: Most grenade kills
Fragger: Most frag grenade kills
C4 Killer: Most C4 kills
Semtex Pro: Most semtex kills
Ambusher: Most claymore kills
Butcher: Most throwing knife kills
CQB: Most SMG kills
AR Specialist: Most assault rifle kills
Explosivo: Most rocket kills
Buckshot: Most shotgun kills
7.62MM: Most LMG kills
Sniper: Most sniper kills
Smoking Gun: Most pistol headshots
SMG Expert: Most SMG headshots
AR Expert: Most assault rifle headshots
Boomstick: Most shotgun headshots

LMG Expert: Most LMG headshots
Dead Aim: Most sniper headshots
Survivalist: Most equipment kills
Magnifier: Most scoped kills
White Hot: Most thermal kills
Exterminator: Most thumper kills
Crowd Control: Most riot shield kills
Hairtrigger: Most ADS kills (Aiming Down Sights)
Sprayer: Most hipfire kills
Alpha Male: Most kills of lower rank
Loaner: Most kills with enemy weapons
Nomad: Longest distance traveled
Runner: Most time spent sprinting
Sneaker: Most time spent crouched
Grassy Knoll: Most time spent prone
Spy Game: Most time watching killcams
Lock & Load: Most reloads
Weapon Rack: Most weapon swaps
Trigger Happy: Most shots fired
Lockdown: Most time spent in one place
High Command: Highest average altitude
Low Profile: Lowest average altitude
Nearsighted: Most friendlies shot
Grudge Match: Most kills of same player
Arsenal: Most weapons used
Undercover: Most time near enemies
Evolver: Most classes changed
Starter: Most killcams skipped
Participant: No kills/At least 1 death
Accident prone: Most suicides
Blindsided: Most deaths from behind
Clay Pigeon: Most deaths by shotgun
Terminal: Shortest life
Deathrow: Longest deathstreak
Hijacker: Most stolen kills
AFK: No kills/No deaths
Protester: Most deaths by riot shield
Warming Up: Just getting started PLUS the warming up accolade is for getting no other accolades in a private match, so you have to play a full length match in a private match and get no other accolades while doing it.
Bomb Expert: Most bombs planted
Defuser: Most bombs defused
Destroyer: Most targets destroyed
Bomb Blocker: Most bomb carrier kills
Bomb Threat: Most kills as a bomb carrier
Bomb Runner: Most bombs carried
Dominator: Most points captured
HQ Capturer: Most HQs captured
HQ Destroyer: Most HQs destroyed
Flag Capturer: Most flags captured
Flag Returner: Most flags returned
Flag Runner: Most flags carried
Flag Blocker: Most flag carrier kills
Double Threat: Most kills as flag carrier

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