Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

Airfield is a medium-sized multi-player level in Call of Duty: World at War.

It was first shown in the Xbox 360 multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: World at War but was not playable. It takes place on the Pacific Front, and is a mostly open level with not very much cover.

The large buildings in either corner are usually the locations of the fiercest fighting, especially the U shaped building as it is a relatively good sniper spot. There are some unusual pools of blood around the map, suggesting that there may have been Japanese executions. Nacht der Untoten (Nazi Zombies) seems to be based on a section this level. 

Most combat here can be either mid to long-ranged on the large, open plains, or can be close range in the buildings. Most people use a submachine gun, rifle, and/or a bolt-action rifle. Machine guns are also not uncommon on this map. It is rare to see a shotgunner, but if there is one, then the player most likely will stay in one of the two buildings or flank in the underground tunnel. 


  • This level was seen on the HBO show The Pacific
  • The large building with the stairs by a truck uses the same structure as the Nazi Zombies level. The differences are that the boarded up doors are unboarded, the area where the Zombies come in are boarded up, there is no debris, and the help door is opened. Another feature not included is the radio in the help room.
  • The large crashed aircraft on the map is a B-17G Flying Fortress, which is incorrect for the map. B-17Gs were not used for combat operations in the pacific theater of operations, only B-17Ds, -Es, and -Fs were used. The -G was a later model which was used in the European Theater. To be more correct, the bombers should have been B-24 Liberators. Variants of the B-17G were used for search and rescue operations, but these had much of their turret armament removed and instead carried a 30-foot lifeboat under the fuselage.
  • The unit markings on the B-17's tail are also incorrect. They show the "triangle A" marking of the 91st Bomb Group, but the 91st was based at Bassingbourne in England. Also, to be correct for the 91st, the tail should be painted red, not yellow. Also, no B-17s were finished in natural metal with black upper surfaces like this one is.
  • The 3D model used for the B-17 looks strikingly similar to the model used in the United Offensive level "Bomber."
  • The other crashed aircraft is a Vought F4U-1D Corsair.
  • It seems that the map is based on the airfield where the B-17 seen in the mission "Hard Landing" was shot down.
  • This map is not on the Wii for unknown reasons.
  • This map, along with AsylumNightfireKnee Deep has parts of Nazi Zombie maps in it.
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