Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the AK-74u is a submachine gun. It is first found on the level Crew Expendable and seen semi-commonly throughout the game being used by the Russian Loyalists,Ultranationalists, the Middle-Eastern OpFor, and Nikolai once he is rescued in Blackout and during the subsequent level, Hunted.

In multiplayer, the AK-74u can be customized with a Red Dot SightSuppressor, or ACOG Scope. The AK-74u is fairly similar to the MP5, in that both weapons have the same damage, rate of fire and range. It is tied with the MP5 in terms of damage output, but it has less recoil despite the visual 'bouncing', and much better wall penetration at the cost of more idle sway and worse hip accuracy when using a Red Dot Sight or silencer (same as an Assault Rifle).

The AK-74u bears many similarities to weapons in the assault rifle class. It is the only submachine gun with noticeable sway (4 degrees, and it sways quickly, the same amount and speed as the AK-47), and it also has the same wall penetration as assault rifles, light machine guns, and sniper rifles. Also, its hip-fire accuracy is reduced to that of an assault rifle when equipped with a Red Dot Sight or Suppressor. It also has the same mobility as an assault rifle. The AK-74u is only similar to other SMGs in its movement speed while aiming down the sight, its damage decays over range, and its hip-fire accuracy when using no attachment.

Call Of Duty : Black Ops

The AK74u appears in the levels "Crash Site", "Rebirth" and "Redemption." It is used commonly by NVA soldiers & the Soviet Armed Forces.

The AK74u is made available for purchase upon reaching level 17, and costs 2000. It is the second most damaging submachine gun, tied with the MP5k, losing only to the Skorpion at close ranges. It has a predictable upwards recoil pattern which is relatively easy to control. It performs exceptionally well at close to mid ranges, though its recoil and damage drop-off make it harder to use at long distances. The Grip attachment mitigates this problem by greatly reducing recoil, which helps to ensure more shots stay on target. The AK74u has a slower rate of fire compared to most submachine guns, but this too can be mitigated with the Rapid Fire attachment. The AK74u is the only submachine gun for which the Grenade Launcherattachment is available.

Many of its traits make it play like an assault rifle with submachine gun ADS and movement speed, making it one of the most popular weapons in multiplayer. The reload time, iron sights, and assault rifle-like traits of this weapon make it one of the best options for new and experienced players alike. Unlike assault rifles, it is important to note the AK74u has lower bullet penetration. It is unable to penetrate through medium and high surfaces such as building structures and concrete slabs, although it is reasonable when shooting through light material. This problem can be remedied by using the Hardened perk

The AK74u is available from the Mystery Box or off the wall for 1200 points. It has low recoil, a moderate rate of fire, a 20 round magazine with 160 reserve rounds and low damage. It is an effective weapon for the early rounds. Pack-a-Punching it will give it the name "Ak-74fu2, with double its ammo, and an added Red Dot Sight with a unique aiming reticle.


  • The "AK-74u" was modeled after an air-soft gun that was itself made to resemble the AKS-74U compact assault rifle. Many other firearms in the Modern Warfare series and Call of Duty: Black Ops are also inspired from air-soft guns owned by their respective studios, Infinity Ward and Treyarch.
  • The AK-74u has the same empty and mid-magazine reload animation as the AK-47, albeit a bit faster.
  • A version of the AK-74u can be found on the level "F.N.G." with a GP-25 grenade launcher mounted on it, although it is un-usable. It is the only place where this version can be found.
  • In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the serial number on the AK-74u is, R060479.
  • AK-74u magazines can be found throughout levels in Modern Warfare 2, such as Loose Ends.
  • The AK-74u in Black Ops seems to have no stock.

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