Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare 


Ambush a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer map set around a convoy of broken-down vehicles and hosts a wide variety of elevated spots, enabling you to hold your breath and take aim. Both spawn points provide ample sniping locations which overlook the middle of the map, along with the opposing sniper positions. The sewer tunnels are an area of the map which are most largely overlooked. This is a small area, but one that has saved lives on more than one occasion, especially by protecting players from the bombs of airstrikes. This map is also known for spam grenading (throwing a random grenadeanywhere and getting a kill). All types of classes are effective here. Desert camouflage or Digital camouflagework best. By jumping onto certain points and objects, players are allowed to get into destroyed buildings that are otherwise inaccessible.

Stealth classes work particularly well here, as the map offers a lot of cover, dark corners and high grass. In addition, many of the buildings encourage camping. Getting up behind people is a good way to get headshots. Be warned though: On team deathmatch, the spawn locations swap sides frequently, meaning the player may end up in the middle of their own spawn point. Additionally, claymores and C4 are frequently used, soBomb Squad is particularly useful, especially if the aforementioned stealth class is used. 

Weapon Spawns (Old School)

  • Martyrdom ; In the small area by the USMC spawn with sandbags and concrete barriers.
  • AK-74u (Silencer); In the alley in front of the USMC spawn.
  • M21 (ACOG Scope); In the lot on the USMC spawn's side of the main road, with the flaming car and forklift.
  • W1200 (Red Dot Sight); On the street in front of the MG house on the USMC spawn.
  • Sleight of Hand; In the middle of the main road.
  • Frag Grenade; In the dry pipeline.
  • M249 SAW (Grip); On the middle street leading to the OpFor spawn.
  • M16A4 (ACOG Scope); On the right street leading to the OpFor spawn.
  • Desert Eagle; On the left street leading to the OpFor spawn.
  • Last Stand; In the destroyed house near the OpFor spawn.


Flag Positions

  • A; In the small area by the USMC spawn with sandbags and concrete barriers.
  • B; In the middle of the main road.
  • C; In the destroyed house near the OpFor spawn.

 When playing on Ambush try to remember:

  • The tunnels under the center of the map can be used to flank enemies taking point B in Domination, and players in the middle in general.
  • The turret near USMC spawn can be used when on defense but enemies will usually return once they know the player's position.
  • Snipers often lurk on the first story roof tops of the buildings on either side of the road.
  • From the second story building on the east side of the map, one can get a good sniper view of their east pathway.
  • A good team can establish excellent fire lanes, but it requires coordination, and team members must cover the rear area to prevent flanking.
  • All weapons, although one must take extra precautions when using a shotgun, can be effective on this map if the user flanks and stays out of the open. It is recommended using Extreme Conditioning to get through open areas fast. Use the tunnels in the center of the map to avoid being caught out in the open. If the player stays around the outer areas of the map, they can easily spawn kill.Snipers must take particular care to keep moving, as most players often scan the 4 main elevated buildings.
  • Some buildings on the OpFor spawn side of the map can be hopped into.
  • If one of the sewer pipes is frequently being used by the enemy the other one can be used as an effective gunning post as there are two smaller barred pipes connecting the sewers and they can be shot through, but plant Claymores at both ends of the tunnel because it is very likely the player will be surrounded.
  • On Domination, one can easily defend flags A or C using the nearby mounted M249s
  • If the player spawns as a member the USMC on this map they are more likely to be spawn trapped at their beginning spawn point.



  • The tank in the center of the map that is on fire, is actually War Pig. It is identified by small artwork on the aiming device in the middle of the barrel of the main gun.
  • The vehicle at the the right side of the OpFor spawn, an M2A3 Bradley IFV, is completely intact.
  • In the middle of the destroyed tanks is a Teddy Bear propped up against the box.
  • This map is based on the Single player mission "Charlie Don't Surf".
  • There is a sewer under the tank that the player can hide in that provides good cover from airstrikes, although sometimes if they are too near one of the entrances they might get killed by splash damage from the explosions.
  • Two of the three tanks in the center of the map are on fire. Jumping onto these tanks, then walking in the fire will kill or badly wound the player.
  • The buildings on one side of the map are much more damaged than the others (possibly because the turrets of the M1 Abrams tanks are turned toward that area, implying that they fired on the buildings). The crumbled walls and debris make good cover.
  • In Old School mode, there are lots of normally unaccessible buildings one can jump in . Even if the player uses any regular glitches, there are even more buildings that are accessible.
  • There is a weird glitch to commit suicide. First, go to the middle road on the OpFor spawn side. There should be a dumpster on the left side coming from the middle of the map. Climb up it, and get up on the building. Then, walk on the right side of the building and jump to th building to the right. If the player jumps in the small area next to the building with no way out, the player will automatically die if one doesn't land on a specific spot (only in Old School).


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