Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

The Arisaka is the standard issue rifle of the Imperial Japanese Army. The Arisaka is found in all of the U.S. Marine Raider Pacific campaign missions (besides Black Cats) and usually found en masse with the Type-100. The weapon can be used rather than the M1 Garand depending upon the user's choice; faster reloading for the Arisaka and widely available ammo, or the faster rate of fire of the Garand. It is common to see Japanese soldiers with the Arisaka Bayonet Banzai charging you; when you are struck by the Banzai unguarded, you will need to kill the Japanese soldier by pressing the melee button. It is one of the weapons the player automatically gets when the "Create a Class" option is unlocked. The Arisaka is tied with the Mosin-Nagant for the lowest ROF. This weapon performs well at long range and mid-range, but close range combat should be avoided if possible, which applies for all bolt-action rifles.

The dynamic for the whole weapon changes when the player unlocks the Sniper Scope attachment; damage is increased, accuracy over range is increased (if you steady your aim), reload time is increased, and there is a separate aiming mechanism. Some people may also notice that the scoped Arisaka sounds different from its unscoped counterpart. The Arisaka has one significant advantage over other scoped bolt actions. If the player crouches or goes prone, the scope sways at 4.5 degrees instead of 6, making it the most accurate bolt action, but still not as accurate as the PTRS-41 or M1 Garand scoped. However the Arisaka does bounce around a lot while the bolt is being pulled back (the scope dips up and down). It is also extremely quiet, the quietest in both scoped and non-scoped forms, giving the player using it some degree of stealth. However, despite being the quietest scoped bolt action rifle when you fire it you will still be heard across the map like every other bolt action sniper rifle in World at War. This makes it the best bolt action sniper in the eyes of players who care more about accuracy and stealth than rate of fire. For players who care more about rate of fire, theSpringfield is the best bolt action sniper. Some players also see the Arisaka's scope position (along with the M1 Garand) as somewhat awkward, but this is because the bolt handle sticks straight out (it would hit the scope). All scoped bolt actions are 1 shot kills to the head, neck, and chest without Stopping Power; if Stopping Power is used they are also one shot kills to the stomach.

The Arisaka makes its Nazi Zombies debut in Shi No Numa, it being its only appearance in the series. Like all the other bolt-action rifles, it is only good in the first few rounds, and should be exchanged for a different weapon as soon as possible. Unlike the Springfield, only the unscoped variant is available.


  • For an unknown reason, the sniper scope sights for the hidden Arisaka in the mission Semper Fi are of a different design than the scoped Arisaka sights in the rest of the missions.
  • The Arisaka and the Type 99 use the same ammunition but the former does more damage and both weapons do not share ammunition in the game.
  • With the 1.6 patch (on PC at least), the hit detection for the unscoped Arisaka was altered to unrealistic proportions, normal center mass shots wont register and shots on the outside of the model won't either.
  • The in-game name for the Arisaka was originally going to be the Type 99 rifle, as shown in a screenshot in the manual for the Wii version. This was likely changed to avoid confusion with the Type 99 LMG.
  • In Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS) and World at War: Final Fronts the in-game name for the Arisaka is the Type 99 rifle.
  • The Arisaka's rear sights are much smaller in real life, similar to looking through a pinhole.
  • In real life the Arisaka (Type 99)'s monopod was too weak for proper usage and would often break in combat, so the soldier would have to prop the rifle on a rock.
  • On the Wii version, the Arisaka's iron sights only include the round front sight, and not the rear sights.
  • If you notice when you are holding the Arisaka with no Attachments, your characters hands are shaking and the back of the rifle is slowly shaking.
  • The Arisaka in World at War (DS) uses a 30-round Trench Magazine.
  • This gun is automatic on Call of Duty World at War (Nintendo DS) If you hold the trigger the character will cock it and then fires again. Likewise, this is true for all sniper rifles in the DS version.

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