Call Of Duty : Black Ops

 It has medium damage (as most handguns do) and nearly no recoil at all, giving it very good accuracy even at long ranges. It has a low magazine capacity of 7 rounds but makes up for this by having a very quick reload. Sleight of Hand makes the reload near instantaneous, making it extremely lethal in the right hands.

Compared to other pistols (and even other semi-automatic weapons in Black Ops), ASP has a 1.5x greater firecap (937.5 RPM against 625 RPM). The most comparable pistol to the ASP is the M1911, as they both share identical damage, recoil, magazine size, multipliers, and range. However the ASP has the higher fire cap as well as a quicker reload, making it superior to any other handgun in this respect; however it lacks the attachments other pistols can have, like extended magazines or the suppressor, limiting the roles the ASP can fulfill.

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