Call Of Duty : Black Ops

 The AUG is used by Hudson and all the members of the CIA in WMD with a Suppressor and a Swarovski Scope, and has Yukon camouflage applied. It appears to be the signature weapon of Grigori Weaver.

The AUG is an assault rifle with a high rate of fire and low to moderate recoil. Its recoil can become problematic especially when shooting at long range, as the gun randomly jumps, making follow up shots difficult. It excels in short to medium range, especially when equipped with optics. It can be purchased at level 26. Similar to some other weapons, the AUG can be fitted with its signature, default Swarovski Scope by purchasing the ACOG attachment. The Swarovski Scope is extremely clear, and due to the amount of screen that is filled, some people find Swarovski scope headshots very easy to obtain because of the fine hollow black dot at the scope's center. However, going full auto while aiming down the Swarovski amplifies recoil, which is detrimental to the AUG's accuracy, one of its strongest features. The AUG is dead accurate if fired in two round bursts and the random recoil will only kick in after 5 shots, thus if one fires the AUG as if it is a semi Automatic weapon, enemy players can be hosed down at any range with great efficiency (though if the enemy is close there is no point to burst fire since full auto will put them down much more reliably)

The AUG is obviously comparable to the Famas as both have the same rate of fire, damage, starting ammo and magazine sizes. Both have fairly open sights and besides some minor timing differences, the major differences are the recoil. The AUG's recoil is random and therefore cannot be predicted, however, the random algorithm keeps the gun mostly on target. The Famas recoils up and right and must be countered to keep it on target. Notable for burst firing both weapons is that the Famas starts kicking at 4-7 bullets whilst the AUG always stays on target until the 5th bullet. Thus the Famas can be considered more reliable during burst fire whilst the AUG is more predictable.

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