Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare 


Backlot is a mid-sized map that is good for almost all game modes. There are two M249 mounted machine guns. However, there are several spots to counter this.

The top of the middle building is great for snipers or heavy gunners. But do not dwell on the second floor for long, because if done so, the player is easy prey for the machine guns, both of which can hit the whole second floor. Also be careful of enemies using the dumpster below one of the windows to climb inside. By climbing out another of these windows, players can also quickly press the action button in order to climb into a small wooden ledge. From there they can hide inside to pick off enemies, or climb the ladder in order to reach the top floor of the middle building. Be careful when up here as it is quite easy to encounter a grenade thrown by the enemy.

If the "Flawless" challenge is needed, a good chance to get it is to go in the basement of the construction building, it is a very overlooked area. The aid of UAV Jammer is advised when doing this. All types of classes are effective on this map. 

  • It is possible to get on the top of the construction building. By jumping on the rail leading to the top floor, the player can then jump forward to an invisible ledge, by crouching there and then getting someone to jump on the users head, they can get on another ledge obtainable on old school or non-old school. From there go prone and wiggle, holding the left stick to the right and moving up and down until the player can crouch. Move very slowly to the right until the character drops down just an inch, move forward until the player can't move any farther than move to the left. The player is now in quite possibly the best sniper position in normal game modes. This is not possible in the Wii version due to a recent hotfix.
  • It is possible to leave the map in Old School mode, by going to the bottom right corner of the map. The player must jump onto the dumpster and incline one's aim slightly into the wall, then spring and jump over the wall in front of the player. To go under the map, just follow the road. Once the player gets to a wall (not at the end of the road), turn right. Once the player gets to another wall, turn left. There should be a black hole. Jump in it. One should be under the map. And if the player wishes to fall out of the map just go to the sides and jump off (jumping off will not kill the player).
  • If spawning on the attacking team on Search and Destroy, on the balcony nearby one can climb the wall and peg jump over to the white railing which doubles up as a good sniping spot. Use this railing to perform a glitch to get out of the map.
  • In the Wii verison, there is a much hated elevator glitch in the building with the M249 parallel to the OpFor spawn point in Team Deathmatch which allows the player to get on top of the cluster of buildings immediately to the left, and out of bounds all around the map. Fortunately, one well-placed grenade from the alley below the building cluster can solve the problem of people camping up there.
  • Sometimes, glitching parties will go down under the map using the above glitch and have a Free-For-All match below the map. Even more rarely players will do that in public matches. This is a strategy an increasing number of boosters are using.


 When playing on Backlot try to remember these points:

  • The mounted machine guns are useful for taking out enemy helicopters but can attract the attention of enemy snipers.
  • The construction site and building on the opposite side are often used by snipers and there are often claymores on or next to the stairs on either building.
  • The tall two story building in the middle of the map can be accessed via two of the windows on the second floor, and also it is possible to reach the roof of this building.
  • In Domination, it is easiest to control A and C by running back and forth through the construction building as the majority of the fighting tends to be over B and usually everyone is too busy camping or capping it to care that an enemy player is taking the other 2.

  • Don't camp in the 2 story little building with the turret by A. A player can be seen through much of the map and it only takes a well aimed Deep Impact gun to shoot one through the wall.
  • Silencers are vital on this map. There are so many places to be shot from behind that not appearing on the radar when firing is super helpful in prolonging one's life. Plus, a player probably won't be doing too much long distance fighting so the Red Dot or ACOG is unnecessary.


  • A building from this map can be seen from the map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Karachi.
  • The building in the construction area with the fence on the roof is a good hiding spot. To get on top of the building one must get on the second floor, stand in a window sill, make sure there is a small balcony with a ladder to the left, and slowly move left. Plus, one must press the jump button.
  • There is a building that is inside/outside the map that is never accessed, however there are stairs and an air-conditioner in it anyway.
  • The birds flying above the map are not inanimate and when one spectates closer to them they actually are transparent and paper thin.
  • There is a flock of seagulls flying outside the map, but when one gets close to them via spectate they shrink and disappear later to respawn again.
  • All the cars outside of the map, except for two of them, are destroyed.
  • In the building to southwest, the one near the gas station, there are 9 bikes hanging from the ceiling and 2 laid up against the wall.
  • The posters of sniper sights seen outside of the map show an American holding a flag in front of the capital building.
  • In the building with the couch on the 2nd floor, there is a blank room with an air conditioner floating in front of a wall.
  • On one side of the building, there is an Infinity Ward logo.


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