Call Of Duty : Black Ops

When drawn, players can fire the knife's blade, which results in a silent one hit kill, much like the Throwing Knife and Tomahawk. It only comes with two knives, but once fired, they can be picked up from where they land. It is much like Throwing Knife or Tomahawk in the sense that the blades will drop below the aimed point at distance. The blade travels far slower than the Tomahawk, which brings timing and anticipation into account when firing the weapon. It does not replace the normal melee knife, which is still wielded with the left hand during melee attacks. However, it does speed the melee attack up significantly and seems to increase lunging distance. Killing a player with the Ballistic Knife's ranged attack gives the player the multiplayer medal "Skewer" at the top of the screen.

The Ballistic Knife is a secondary weapon in the "Specials" category and is unlocked at level 15. It is one of the few available weapons in the new Sticks and Stones playlist in Black Ops, along with the Crossbow and Tomahawk. The Ballistic Knife is the Tier 20 weapon, the final one used, in Gun Game. 

It is available through the Mystery Box. The player is able to pick up knives after being stuck into zombies. The ballistic knife fired to a zombie can be a one-hit kill at any rounds as long as it is a headshot. Although the ballistic knife has a much higher stabbing strength in zombies, it isn't a favorable weapon, due to its low ammo count, low rate of fire, and low damage. When Pack-a-punched it turns to The Krauss Refibrilator and will revive a player instantly if hit by the blade, whether it be shooting the knife or slashing the downed player, which give the secret trophy/achievement "See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me". But can be quite difficult to get during a wave because players are most likely to take a gun over the Ballistic Knife and there is most likely to be a horde between you and your downed friend.).The best loadout to solve this is having the Pack-a-punched AUG as a secondary weapon.This way you can still have two guns(The AUG and masterkey) besides the Ballistic knife. If the Bowie Knife is purchased it will replace the regular melee knife when wielding the Ballistic Knife.

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