Call Of Duty 5 : World At War 

Banzai features a lot of underground caves, leading to a waterfall under the bridge. There are also a lot of ladders and wooden frames for snipers. This map also includes black rock, which can also be seen in Makin. This is most likely volcanic rock and this suggests that Banzai is supposed to be set in Peleliu Island or in Okinawa. 

In Team Deathmatches, from the spawn, many players tend to try and snipe enemies from across the bridge, taking cover at the far end of either side and carefully picking off targets, only exposing themselves when necessary. However, as the game progresses players will need to move to a different area, as enemies and friendlies will spread around the map.

On the east side, there is a small balcony with a ladder, which is popular for snipers - crouching beside the farthest west hut on the other side of the bridge, counter-sniping these players is relatively easy as their ghillie suit gives them camouflage, whereas the other players will stand out against the woodland terrain.

In Search and Destroy, attacking teams commonly will rush the site in the tunnel, as they can easily get there before the defending team. On the bridge objective, it is useful to lie prone on the small ledges that protrude from either side of the main part of the bridge and listen out for enemies; or if attacking, to hear the bomb being picked up to be defused. It is advisable, when counter-rushing the attacking team in the tunnel, that the defenders sprint through the river, enter the tunnel under the waterfall and flank from behind.

There is an excellent spot that can be reached by dropping down from the American spawn and going to the side of the tunnel. This works especially well on Domination as one will have a direct view of Flag B, while few players will notice that player.  


  • On the right edge of the map in the lower hut, there is a Nambu pistol on the table that players cannot pick up.
  • In the fishing hut, there is a Hitler Youth knife, that the Imperial Army apparently gut fish with. This knife can also be found in a hut in the map Makin.
  • There is a "Well of Dreams" in the map. Players can fall in it, resulting in a fall to one's death.
  • In one of the huts near the Japanese spawn, there are boxes that have a similar appearance to the mystery boxes from Nazi Zombies.
  • At the doors of the temple, groaning Zombies can be heard. This may be monks chanting though.
  • This map was created by Certain AffinityThough all creative and art directive came from Treyarch Studios.
  • This map has some very useful hiding spots for Banzai Chargers, which may be the reason for the map's name.
  • If the player free spectates down the roads with the Anti-Tank guns, the player will notice that one disappears into a mountain, and the other one disappears into nothingness. 
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