Big Brother is a Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is one of only two Special Ops levels that can only be played with two players; the other being "Overwatch". One player will be the gunner of the Black Hawk 'Gunslinger-one' while the other player, as a soldier on the ground, must make it to the roof of a restaurant down the block.

The Infinity Ward best time for this level is 1 minute 25.9 seconds.

The player begins the mission either as the soldier on the ground or the Blackhawk helicopter gunner. The goal is to reach the marked area (the restaurant's roof) and board the helicopter for extraction, within the time limit. As the player goes down the block, they will encounter more and more resistance. There is a roadblock at the end of the road, at which time the player heads down a side alley into the parking area of a gas station.

At this gas station, enemy reinforcements start coming in trucks, and the player on the ground has to try to make his way to the top of a restaurant. When the player reaches the top, they must jump on board the helicopter as it comes to pick them up. Be careful of enemies which will follow you up the ladder and come up through a hole in the roof.

There are crucial parts in this mission in which the Blackhawk gunner's explosive ammunition will be very useful. The Blackhawk gunner should provide covering fire for the soldier on the ground. Using his Vulcan minigun, the gunner should take out any enemies he can see.

Beware, though, as the minigun's explosive rounds can easily kill the teammate on the ground by friendly fire!


  • The Blackhawk helicopter will just keep circling the ground soldier until the soldier moves.
  • On the minigun, using the aim down the sight button will cause the minigun to remain spooled up, eliminating the short delay before firing from idle.
  • If the ground level player is near the ladder to the LZ, the helicopter will begin to land but if the helicopter lands before the player can get up the ladder, the moment he touches the smoke the mission is over.
  • It is highly recommended to pick up a weapon from the enemy, in exchange for the Desert Eagle, since the Desert Eagle is very inaccurate at a distance, and has a high amount of recoil.

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