The mission starts as two PBY Catalina planes, codenamed Hammerhead and Manta Ray, discover a Japanese merchant fleet, and receive orders to open fire. Once within range, Petty Officer Locke fires upon the merchant fleet, causing explosions that reveal the fleet to be carrying weapons. After several passes, the fleet sinks. Manta Ray's radio officer, Booth, informs the crew that the nearby US Fleet has been attacked en route to Okinawa. The two planes start towards the reported location of the fleet, but are ambushed by Japanese Zeros, and Hammerhead is shot down. From here Manta Ray continues towards the fleet and lands in the water. Fighting against both PT Boats and Zeros, Locke also must rescue the sailors floating in the water. Once the PT Boats are destroyed and a number of sailors have been rescued, the Catalina prepares for takeoff, although it is under heavy fire from Zeros. Locke and his fellow gunner try shooting as many down as they can, but are running low on ammo. As they are about to take off, a trio of kamikaze Zeros flies at the Catalina head on at 12 o' clock. Locke opens fire, but mere moments later, a trio of F4U Corsairs fly overhead, shooting down the inbound Zeros. From here the battered Catalina takes off, and the mission ends.

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