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Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

Bling is a Tier 1 Perk that appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It allows players to put two attachments onto their primary weapon. The Pro version of the Perk also allows the player to put two attachments on their secondary weapon. Bling is unlocked at level 21. Bling Pro is unlocked by getting 200 kills with a weapon with two attachments while Bling is equipped. Contrary to popular belief, picking up a Bling weapon and getting kills with it without having Bling equipped does not count towards completing Bling Pro challenges, despite what the description of the challenges reads.

There are some limitations as to which attachments can go together. Players cannot combine attachments which take up the same place on the gun, such as the Grenade Launcher and the Masterkey Shotgun because both are under-barrel mounted. It is also impossible to have both the Tactical Knife and Akimbo attachments on one gun. Players also can only have one set of optic sights or Akimbo equipped on a gun (Red Dot SightHolographic SightThermal ScopeACOG ScopeSniper Scope). The GripRapid FireSuppressorHeartbeat SensorExtended Magazines, and FMJ attachments can be used with any other attachment.

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