Band Of Brilliance

n this level, the Russians are ready to break through Seelow and march on to Berlin. Dmitri takes control of a Russian tank, you start out with your Commissar talking to you and the other Russian tanks, while Reznov guides you on how to control the Tank throughout the level. You start by destroying artillery cannons and German infantry armed with Panzerschreks and small arms firing at you. The tank is equipped with a coaxial flamethrower with a large radius of fire activated with the same button as the Grenade button, (When playing Co-Op, whoever is not the host receives a Coaxial Machine Gun instead), after destroying the Artillery positions and some Panzers, you then move on to destroy a Radio Tower. Dealing with enemy tanks,Panzers and King Tiger positions, you move up to destroy the Radio Tower, preventing the Germans calling for reinforcements. Take care after destroying the Tower though, the next area will be sprawling with Tanks, Panzerschrektowers, bunkers and Germans with Panzerschreks. Eventually you will reach the Train Station, and the mission will end. During a short cutscene, Sgt. Reznov will compliment you, and tells the other soldiers of your heroism.

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