Band Of Brilliance

This is the first of two missions to take place on Okinawa, meaning you are not on Peleliu anymore. You will start off with your Browning out, but take the flamethrower out, as you will need it shortly. After advancing a bit, some Japanese soldiers will pop out of some pits and Roebuck will order you to burn the grass. After advancing some more, you will come across a bunker, one of three you must destroy. After clearing it out, throw a Satchel charge and detonate it, one is all you need, and watch the fireworks. There should be a nearby sack to replenish your satchel supply for the next few bunkers. After some more firefights the second bunker will be reached, follow the same process as before. The third bunker is nearby and is at the top of a steep hill and is destroyed in the same way. Finally, the large, final bunkey is reached and you will need to fight through a series of narrow Japanese caves before eventually clearing the bunker itself and climbing above it to victory.

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