Call Of Duty 5 : World At War 

 Breach is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: World at War. It is a medium sized map with several buildings and is set in the Nazi occupied streets of Berlin around the Brandenburg Gate. In the middle of the map, it is quite open therefore giving quite a lot of exposure to the player. To the sides there are many buildings in which one can enter and they provide great sniping positions and hiding places.

This map was released with Map Pack 3 on August 6th 2009. 


  • The Swastikas on the German flags in the map have been replaced by Iron Crosses, even on the Gate itself and on Reichstag in the background. In the mapDownfall they are Swastikas.
  • In one of the buildings, behind a counter, is a shotgun that cannot be picked up.
  • The map strangely gives a floating feel to itself, probably due to the buildings in the background.
  • On spectate mode, if one goes to the library building and looks behind it there is a light bulb sticking out of the wall.
  • In the ruins of a building there is a smiley face in the darkened spots.
  • The map originally to be included in Map Pack 2 under the name "Brandenburg". 
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