Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare 


Broadcast is a map from the Variety Map Pack. The map is based off of the TV Station in "Charlie Don't Surf", with some differences to support multiplayer modes. The parking lot outside is filled with cars and a roof over the middle of it. A small building is located on the edge of the parking lot where snipers can pick off soldiers on the second floor of the TV station. It is the thought that the best game modes for the map are Search and Destroyand Team Deathmatch. Some places are switched around as the news room is downstairs instead of upstairs, and the windowed rooms are inaccessible. A skylight is above where the bomb area B spawns. It is well liked by most players and is the most popular map in the map pack 


When playing Broadcast, try to keep these few tips in mind:

  • Hide under a desk and shoot, other players may be unaware of the player's position.
  • The most effective weapons will be submachine guns and assault rifles. These two weapons will give the player a advantage in close and medium range combat that takes place on the map.
  • "When in doubt, go up!" One can use this mentality when confronted from multiple fronts. If the player knows that many enemies are in the main building, go to the office overlooking it and one can probably get them all. When enemies are in the parking lot, go up on the floors near the parking lot. Be advised that one could be sniped by people in the far building.
  • Don't dwell in one spot for long. This map is excellent for fast paced "run & gun" techniques.
  • Don't be careless. When entering a room, be sure to check the room first by peeking around the corner. Throwing flash grenades indoors can help the player if using them in choke-points.
  • Another strategy is to be a sniper. there are a couple of buildings outside the TV. Station. One of them has a chunk of the wall on the 2nd floor with a ladder in front of it. The player can use this opening in the 2nd floor for sniping, but have a good sidearm for close quarter encounters.
  • SMG: Many people use these because of the high power and light weight of it. Run and gunners and flankers usually use these weapons (the Mini-Uzi is very popular).
  • LMG: Use these weapons for guarding a choke point. The power and rate of fire of the machine guns can keep the enemy in check at a choke point.
  • Sniper Rifle: Use these weapons for an accuracy and power. The people who use these on this map usually have quick fingers for others use automatic weapons, so only a quick finger can stand up to the weapons.
  • Shotgun: Seeing as how the halls are small, shotgunning can be effective in this map. The enemy however, can also evade the player by just backing up. This usually works because of the long hallways, giving them a lot of time to kill. Juggernaut with this weapon choice can help ensure a kill.

Player 1: This person should be the machine gunner. This person should use a machine gun with a high rate of fire and good power. If the stopping power is good and has a low rate of fire, it's ok, but a weapon with a high RoF would do a better job. This person should hold an enemy off at it's refuge so that the SMG (player 2) can kill the enemy. This person should position across the sniper or next to him.

Player 2: This person should be the Submachine gunner. This person should use any SMG. Using the MP5/P90should work very well as their low recoil and the amount of lead they can put into a person will make them useful for use outside the structures. This person can go solo or stay with a teammate. This person should kill the enemy out of the building into the open areas.

Player 3: This man should be the shotgunner. The M1014 should do its job here. Its high power and higher rate of fire make it better than the W1200 here. Though the player might need to use a grip to lengthen the range of critical hit area. If one is thinking about camping with a shotgun, then that player may need the grip as one will need all the power that one can get. This person should camp next to someone or alone. Especially in the dark hallway areas. They should lead the enemy out of buildings to make way for the sniper and machine gunner.

Player 4: This person should be the sniper. As useless as this position may seem, a sniper is very useful as it will keep enemies away from that player. For the most part, the sniper should hide around the USMC spawn building or the hall that leads into it. Basically, this creates a choke-hold for the enemy. If the Submachine Gunner and Shotgunner held the enemy off, then the player can shoot at the enemy in the open with the machine gunner.  


Originally Broadcast was to be included on disc, because loadscreen and minimap can be found in game files before installing 1.6 patch. The place shown on loadscreen is similar to place on final map, only the light was changed. It would seem that the original Broadcast resembled the TV station in Charlie Don't Surf much more than the current iteration of the map.

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