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Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

Camouflage is a second tier Perk in Call of Duty: World at War multiplayer that will conceal a player's position from an active enemy Recon Plane. This perk is unlocked at level 12. Camouflage will not have the same effect as a Flash Hider or a Suppressor in concealing a player's position from enemy players when shooting an unsuppressed weapon and will not cover you in a ghillie suit or actual camouflage, as the name might imply. The perk is the same as UAV Jammer. Camouflage is the favored perk for players that enjoy stealth or for a sniper who can't afford to move from the area due to a Recon Plane. It also works well when combined with a silenced weapon, as the user will be completely safe from appearing on the radar. If a player usually doesn't flank, fight behind enemy lines, or hide then it is advisable that they use a different perk that suits their playing style. This perk is commonly matched with the perk Dead Silence and a suppressed weapon; this combination makes it impossible for the user to be located by radar or by sound. This perk is also useful with the perk Reconnaissance, which allows players to pick less risky routes. It is recommended that if the enemy gets a recon plane and you have this perk, stay away from your teammates as they can give away your position.

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