Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

Care Package is a multiplayer killstreak reward in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. After achieving a killstreak of 4, or 3 with the Hardline perk, the player will be given a special Smoke Grenade that emits red smoke. A helicopter drops a large crate at the point designated by the smoke. This crate can contain a full ammo restock, or any killstreak except Emergency Airdrop, a Tactical Nuke, or another Care Package. This helicopter can be shot down before dropping the care package, although it's relatively difficult to do so.

There were initially two major glitches with the Care Package, Sentry Gun, and Emergency Airdrop. While holding the smoke grenade, players would receive a large increase in movement speed, which was often combined with Marathon, Lightweight, and Commando for extremely fast knifing classes. The other glitch allowed players to have infinite smoke grenades to continuously call in whichever smoke grenade based killstreak reward they had. A patch to fix the problems was finally released on PC and PS3 on January 29, and on Xbox 360 on February 12.

Care Packages can be quite advantageous in that they have a chance of giving the player a killstreak reward that otherwise would take more kills to earn. However, they will often contain lower killstreak rewards or ammo resupplies, making the care package a gamble.

However, any player, including enemies, can take the care package. The player that calls the care package in can capture it almost instantaneously, but any other player will take five seconds to pick it up. If an enemy captures a powerful killstreak reward, the results can be disastrous.

The care package itself can also be deadly. If it lands on top of any player or rolls onto them after touching down, they will be killed, although it's rare to get a kill that way and hard to use tactically. Care packages also bounce of walls and various surfaces when dropped, and can kill you if badly thrown.

Caution must be exercised when throwing the smoke grenade to ensure that the care package lands in a place where it is both reachable and safe to pick up, as the package can be dropped outside the map or on top of inaccessible buildings, considering the fact that the game doesn't consider the actual location where it drops the package. Also, using packages in open areas or contested areas is unadvised, as enemies can easily kill you and steal it.

Care Packages appear on the radar. Both friendly and enemy care package marker's smoke is red. If the helicopter is shot down before the drop zone it will fall out where ever it is shot down, however shooting down Little Bird helicopters is very hard.

You can kill an enemy with the care package marker with direct impact. Any kills gotten with whatever the Care Package gives to the player do not count towards a player's killstreak, except if the care package falls on a player in which case that kill counts towards whoever called in the care package

The probability of any given item is as follows (according to PC code):

  • 14.78% - UAV
  • 14.78% - Ammo
  • 13.04% - Counter-UAV
  • 10.43% - Sentry Gun
  • 10.43% - Predator Missile
  • 9.57% - Precision Airstrike
  • 6.09% - Harrier Airstrike
  • 6.09% - Attack Helicopter
  • 4.35% - Pave Low
  • 4.35% - Stealth Bomber
  • 2.61% - Chopper Gunner
  • 2.61% - AC-130
  • 0.87% - EMP
  • 0% - Tactical Nuke
  • 0% - Care Package
  • 0% - Emergency Airdrop

Call Of Duty : Black Ops 

The Care Package has been confirmed to make a return inBlack Ops, as shown in the multiplayer reveal trailer. It now requires a 5-killstreak to activate and is available to the player from the start along with the Spy Plane and Attack Helicopter. Care Packages are delivered by a CH-46 Sea Knight. The speed of the helicopter delivering the Care Package has been reduced from that of Modern Warfare 2, and the helicopters can now be destroyed before the Care Package is delivered. If the helicopter delivering the package is destroyed before it drops the Care Package, the Care Package will be dropped from wherever the helicopter was shot down. The Care Package this time is delivered by a blue phosphorous grenade instead of red. As seen in the multiplayer reveal the Care Package now gives the user high powered weapons, in addition to Killstreaks. (TheGrim Reaper and Death Machine.) Also, with the effect of Hardline Pro, players now have a second shot at getting a better reward if they are dissatisfied with the initial Care Package, however the effects are hit or miss, as the player could get a worse reward second time round or alternatively enemy players may have enough time to get to the players location and kill him or her before the Care Package arrives, essentially giving the enemy player that opens the Care Package whatever is inside. As with all other helicopter-based killstreaks in Black Ops, the CH-46's paint scheme will vary depending on whether it belongs to friendly or hostile forces. Friendly CH-46s are painted in the typical U.S. Military gray scheme, while enemies are painted with gray camouflage and red markings. The crates themselves also differ in appearance. friendly crates appear green, enemy crates are red, and enemy crates that have been stolen and booby-trapped by a player with hacker pro will appear black with red skull and cross-bones markings to that player. 


  • If a Care package falls on a player, it naturally kills said player and grants the kill to the one who placed the package. thus, it is possible to win a match by killing someone with a falling Care Package.
  • In Modern Warfare 2, the smoke coming from the smoke grenade always goes towards north.
  • If the Care Package falls on a player during a host migration (during which the player is invincible), the player gets stuck in the Care Package until the package is 'opened', as showcased in this video.
  • The radius from which players can open a care package actually forms a sphere - allowing some lucky players to capture a care package from underneath it. This can commonly be done in maps like Favela, where Care Packages can land on roofs or other structures.
  • When this killstreak is attained, the multiplayer announcer will call it a Care Package, but the text alerting the player to the killstreak will say "Airdrop". In game files, sounds for Airdrop killstreak can be found.
  • It is possible for a Care Package to destroy a Pavelow by falling on it. However, the Package will not destroy a Harrier by falling on it, as the crate will go straight through the plane.
  • The red smoke from the smoke grenade used to call in a Care Package does not appear in the Game Winning Killcam.
  • When the player calls in a Pave low, received from a Care Package, when the air space is full, the player will get the regular +300 XP when it comes in. This works with Chopper Gunners and Attack Helicopters too.
  • Test Dummies in Combat Training will attempt to take the player's care packages.
  • In Black Ops, only three Care Packages can be called in at a time, if there are no other aircraft present.
  • If two or three Care Packages are called in on the same location, the helicopters will pass right through each other.
  • In the BradyGames MW2 guide, there was a picture showing a care package with a Tactical Nuke inside. This is because originally Tactical Nukes were able to be obtained in Care Package.
  • Test dummies in Combat Training can booby trap care packages. If Hardline Pro is obtained, they can even change what is inside the care packages.
  • Kills attained from hijacked Care Packages DO count towards the hijacker's killstreak.
  • In Black Ops the Care Package will kill the player who calls it in or other enemy players, not the caller's teammates as oppose to Modern Warfare 2 where it kills any player. 

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