Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 

Carnival is a map made up of an abandoned, dilapidated amusement park. It is located most likely in Brazil, considering that the factions are TF-141 and Militia, as well as the fact that the surrounding mountainous landscape is similar to the terrain of Rundown. However, the highway running alongside the map seems to be the same one as featured in parts of the campaign.

The map is made up of sections that all are connected, usually by several routes. The most important and well known being the Funhaus, the "World of Tomorrow" - a space-theme area, the medieval castle, a roller coaster and an area with many food vendors along with a carousel.

The FunHaus is an influential area for most gametypes; it has several access points and looks over three sections of the map: the castle, the spaceship area, and the roller-coasters. It can be helpful to hold down while Spawn Trapping or in Free-For-All, as it is usually a high-traffic area. The Rocket is usually a bad place to camp, even against the least experienced of opponents, all it takes is one shot to expose a sniper, and from then on they will be mercilessly targeted, if found.

Carnival is a very simple map for using call-outs; landmarks on the map are noticeable and don't require a lot of map knowledge like other urban maps such as Strike do.

In team based games, one sniper in the rocket can cause a tremendous amount of damage to the other team, and it is essential for protecting one of the bomb sites on the map. Riot Shields are also recommended as there is absolutely no cover on 50% of the map. It is essential the player holds the area with the castle and the bumper cars 

as the castle provides great fortification and it gives the player a height advantage to any intruders that may come through. The isolated parts of the map (roller coasters) are great places to flank the enemy as it allows for a stealthy infiltration without much trouble. Submachine Guns and shotguns are the best weapons to use on this map, due to the amount of Close Quarters Combat. Snipers should only be used if they are Quick Scoping or sniping in the rocket or castle (with claymores).

If the player had a squad they could easily take control over the Funhaus and camp there. Have one player watch the upstairs room and watch the roller coaster area, one sit behind the Call of Duty 4 arcade game and watch the back first floor entrance, have one watch the clown head entrance. finally have one person watch the side windows on the first floor. If the player has any extra players, have one patrol the Funhaus and one watch the rocket ship area from the second story window.  


  • his is the only map to feature moving traffic.
  • The cars in the moving traffic feature buses in maps such as Karachi and Crossfire, red cars, ice cream trucks, and some even appear as destroyedtechnicals.
  • The cars in the moving traffic are hovering.
  • On the freeway outside of the map, the signs above the underpass read "Interstate 395 north to Interstate 95".
  • Outside of the map, the front gates to the park read "DETRE".
  • Although the map appears to take place in Brazil, the names of the shops around the map are written in English.
  • The ferris wheel appears to be the same as the one shown in "One Shot, One Kill". It is also moving slightly.
  • This is the only map in the Resurgence Pack DLC to feature the Task Force 141 and the Militia.
  • The title above the F in the game is spelled "FunHaus". "Haus" is the German word for "house". It is the only area in the map where the language is used.
  • There is a large teddy bear hidden in the castle moat behind one of the grates.
  • The player can only go exactly to the top of one roller coaster, they can only go so far on the other one.
  • The name of the park is "AdventureLand", a possible reference to the movie of the same name.
  • Just outside of the map, to the South-East, there are several Freak Shows, which advertise a Lizard Man, The Bearded Woman, and Incredibly Long Shoes. Humorously, all of the pictures are of Infinity Ward workers/developers, and the signs for the bearded woman show a picture of a man. Most of these acts are also a reference to the 2010 film Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant and the books of the same names.
  • The covered path which leads to the Ferris Wheel and the other attractions outside of the map is actually just the covered bridge from "Exodus".
  • It seems all the left arms of the clowns around the maps are ripped off, even the giant one in the parking lot, this could possibly be a reference to Zakhaev.
  • There is a glitch on this map that occurs when a claymore is placed on the top of the FunHaus clown entrance it will fly to certain places on the map. The positions of the claymores can easily be seen usingSitRep. It is unknown why claymores do this. The glitch can be seen here.
  • The fortune teller machine in the FunHaus is a nod to one of the game's producers whose actual birthname is Jaroslav.
  • Inside the FunHaus, one of the arcade machines is labeled "Modern Warfare".
  • Outside the Rocket Ship, there is a planet and in front of it the words "Planet Xpress". This is missing the E but it could be a reference to Futurama where the main company is called Planet Express.
  • There are several other Futurama references. The first words spoken to Fry when he is woken from his cryogenic sleep is "Welcome to the World of Tomorrow". The rocket ship and subsequent mural have a striking resemblance to the Planet Express ship. To the right of the Planet Xpress globe sign, there's a sign that reads C-R-U-S-H-I-N-A-T-O-R. Crushinator is the name of a female robot that lives on the moon, featured in the second episode of season one, "The Series Has Landed".
  • The mechanical fortune teller in the FunHaus bears a remarkable resemblance to Captain Price.
  • Also if the player shoots the Price look-a-like fortune teller, he will power down and look like he is dying. Much in the same way that Al-Asad gets shot in COD4.
  • If the player is close enough to the Price look-a-like fortune teller when it powers down and gets shot, it will damage the player.
  • Just outside the map near the roller-coaster there is a blue Infinity Ward sign which reads "Thank You Soupy" which may be referring to the gamertag of an employee at Infinity Ward.
  • In some of the shops at the Carnival, there is a sticker showing the MasterCard and Visa card symbol, but have different names.
  • If the player goes near the mechanical fortune teller in the FunHaus and destroys it while standing near it, they will take damage. This is similar to the first mirror on the left in the Favela barbershop.
  • On the bottom floor of the FunHaus, there is a calendar of a girl in a bathing suit. It is the same calendar as the one found in Vacant.
  • It is possible to get a massive spawnkill killstreak when in the back of the map, standing roughly next to the door on the right side of the fortress. Some players have been known to get higher killstreaks within only a few seconds because of this glitch.
  • There are popcorn stalls around the map which have 'Popcorn - Nom Nom Nom' on them. If the glass part of them is knifed or shot, it will cause popcorn to spill onto the ground
  • In the room in the fun house with the calendar of the girl, there is a garden gnome sitting on one of the supports of the roof. This may be a reference to Left 4 Dead 2's Carnival level which also features a gnome.
  • Just like in Trailer Park, if the player is to shoot the keg, it starts to foam out.


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