Call Of Duty 5 : World At War 

Castle is a medium-sized multiplayer map on Call of Duty: World at War located in Japan. It features a building that is somewhat of a shrine, as it is positioned next to an area containing statues of lions. It has a balcony area where players will usually use for its height advantage. It also has a tower, often used for sniping, but many players will throw grenades in the enclosed tower often killing the sniper or player. It also features many entrances to get into it, and becomes a great stronghold if the enemy team captures it. The secondary building (Dojo) is the largest one, containing an obviously partially destroyed tower that oftentimes players will ambush other players trying to get to the area, as well as snipers. There is a high "cliff" like area that many walls are at near the Marine start, providing great height advantage for a sniper and excellent cover to firing down upon players. Cherry blossoms also litter the fields where the Marine start is. Often times the Dojo is the focal point of the battle, as majority of the players will seek its tower for the height advantage. It was available during the Call of Duty: World at War Beta and carried over into the full game 

Most combat here is at close range, with sub- and light machine guns usually fairing well. If you stay inside, a shotgun can prove extremely lethal. Sniping is possible, with two distinct sniping spots, the Dojo and Shrine, both entailing sniping through a window from the upper story of a building. However, the battle cycles around the map constantly, so it is not recommended to stay in one sniping spot too long.

Castle can provide intense combat in Team Deathmatch, and is also a good map for the War game variant. 


  • This map is based on the castle in Breaking Point. That castle is based on the real life Shuri Castle in Okinawa, Japan.
  • In the house next to the glitch wall is a helmet. It can be shot at but will not move.
  • This map was featured in the South Park episode "The Ungroundable".
  • There is nothing but jungle around this map.


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