Band Of Brilliance

Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

Claymore x2 is a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare first tier perk that gives a player two trip-activated claymore mines that are manually planted in the ground by the player. When claymores are set up, two thin, short red beams indicate the presence of a claymore, as well as the direction the claymore is facing. A marker with the team's insignia will show above friendly claymores (e.g. winged dagger above a friendly claymore indicates the claymore is of the SAS team). Claymores cannot be activated by friendly players, neither can claymores kill friendly players directly. A claymore is activated when an enemy player moves into close proximity of the red beams on the front of a claymore. There will be a distinct "click" sound, followed by the claymore's detonation 0.83 seconds later. It is possible to activate enemy claymores without being killed (such as by running past the Claymore fast enough to get behind it before it detonates). An enemy claymore can be destroyed by shooting it. Claymores only explode 60 degrees in front of them and upwards. A claymore cannot do damage to someone who is below it or outside of the 60 degree cone.

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