Call Of Duty 5 : World At War 

Cliffside is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: World at War. It is in a Pacific jungle setting and takes place on a Japanese cliffside next to the ocean. The level is fairly large and is conducive to snipers, as they can usually see from one end of the map to the other. However, the map has plenty of cover in the form of foliage, bunkers, and rocks.

Japanese snipers get an advantage on this level due to their far superior camouflage suits. They can easily blend in with many types of foliage throughout the level.

This map is from the single-player mission "Blowtorch & Corkscrew." 


  • Near where the marines spawn at the beginning of a game in team deathmatch, there is sandbag cover. Most Wii players start racking up kills here by sniping the other side. Use any bolt action rifle or anything with a good sniping capability. The Japanese will never come over to this side because they know it spells danger.
  • In the cave entrance near the cliffside, there is a bunker above there that most people see as a key point as it has good sniping potential, but as the map gets older more people know that most 

snipers go there, so it isn't a potentially good area to stay in. This is a great area for machine gunners as most people expect a sniper. Type 99, Browning .30 Cal, MG42 are the best weapons to use here. However, due to the lack of a roof, it's very easy to be killed if someone gets a grenade in there. Across the waterfall, there is an uphill trench-like structure. This place has the height advantage and has passageways to all the most important paces in the map. But at the same time, this area will spell hell for people defending it. There are five ways to get here also. Unless playing team deathmatch or hardcore/core team-based games, ignore this area. Note: this area is significantly easier to defend in the Wii version, but at the same time hard because there are a limit of four players on each team. Use any MG with a high rate or fire, or a sniper rifle. 


  • In spectator mode, in a bunker a very unsettling whisper can be heard. It appears to be the same whispering man when the player gets the Ray Gun on Little Resistance.
  • This map is modeled after "Blowtorch and Corkscrew" which is on Okinawa but if the player looks out at the ocean, he/she can see the same ships from Little Resistance which is on Peleliu Island, not Okinawa. Also, it appears to be midday with clear weather while in Blowtorch and Corkscrew is was in the evening during a rainstorm. It is possible that the ships seen off the coast of the map are there to provide artillery/rocket strikes to the Americans fighting on the cliff top. This would explain the destroyed bunker near the waterfall. Also, they could be part of the vast American invasion armada that was assembled for the invasion of Okinawa, and are currently offloading supplies onto the beach below.
  • It is possible to reach the tops of many tall rock formations throughout this map. This tactic is often exploited by snipers. However, it takes time to reach the top. In other words, one can occasionally find an enemy constantly jumping against a rock formation in an attempt to reach the top. This makes them easy targets.
  • There is significantly less foliage on the Wii version than on the other consoles, this is because the Wii cannot render the amount of polygons that the other consoles can.
  • The boats off of the coast of this map are identical to the ones in "Sub Pens", right down to their identification number, 78.
  • If the player is a Japanese Sniper, take advantage of all the plants, as he/she will be nearly impossible to see, granted a Ghillie Suit is being worn.
  • While in spectate mode if the player goes down to the beachhead and look around there are USN pouches in the water. There is also a barrel in the water. It will explode after two shots.
  • In spectator mode, if one goes into the water for a few seconds then comes back up, the screen will ripple as if the character was coming out of water.
  • Also in spectator mode, one can get a good sense in the size of this map. Go past the cliff, and onward passing the ships in the water. The end of the map will take the player out so far, looking back at the cliff is covered in fog and no longer visible.
  • Even though the setting takes place in Okinawa, the user plays as Marine Raiders. This is strange because they were disbanded in early 1944. This is probably because Treyarch didn't want to make another faction with the same skins as Marine Raiders.
  • If using a Flamethrower, a player can incinerate the foliage throughout the map, but only in the Xbox, PS3 and PC versions, as the Wii cannot support this level of graphics.
  • The Crashed zero in the map looks as if it just landed there rather than crashing, much like the C130 from "Afghan".
  • Effects file of this level is mentioned in script of canceled Lagoon level, however, it is commented.
  • Near one of the bunkers, a wolf or a dog's howl can be heard.


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