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Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

Cold-Blooded is a Tier 2 perk in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. It is unlocked at level 25. This perk removes the player's thermal silhouette when viewed by thermal optics, and makes players undetectable to all killstreak rewards. Players using Cold-Blooded will be invisible to the UAVsSentry Guns,Harriers and computer controlled Helicopters and simply will not be targeted (though players can still be killed by collateral damage from these sources). WithPredator MissileAC-130 and Chopper Gunners, players using this perk will still appear on the screen but they will not be highlighted by a red square, nor will the player's silhouette white. Thus, the best strategy during one of these kill streak attacks is to simply stop moving as the black and white resolution for such attacks is poor and moving objects are much easier to see.

Instead of appearing as bright white silhouettes through a Thermal Scope, Cold-Blooded players will appear as shades of gray similar to the environment. This may actually cause the player to be at a disadvantage on snow maps, as the gray has more contrast with the environment, whereas the white-hot silhouette of non-cold blooded players is much harder to spot against the white snow (of course, for this reason, most players choose not to use Thermal Scopes on winter maps, so the issue is often moot). As they are not truly invisible, moving Cold-Blooded players are much easier to spot through thermal scopes than stationary ones. As most Thermal Scope users are more accustomed to bright white blots on the map, it is easy to pass right over a Cold-Blood user.

The Pro version prevents the red name and crosshairs from appearing on an enemy's screen when they are looking at the user. It is unlocked by destroying forty enemy killstreak rewards (of any kind, even UAVs) while using this perk. If a silencer is added this is very helpful to sniper classes (though damage is reduced).

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