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Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

Commando is a Tier 3 perk appearing in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that significantly increases the player's knife melee distance, allowing for a near-instantaneous forward dash of about three meters when striking a target. While the high speed of the dash frequently causes players to refer to it as a "teleport", the character model does in fact move through the intervening distance and the player is vulnerable throughout the dash and can be killed after initiating the strike but before successfully completing it. The dash will only trigger if the player initiates a melee attack with a valid target within dash range and approximately centered on screen; if the target is too far to the side or out of range, the character will simply make a regular knife swing instead. Additionally, while the dash will automatically correct for a small degree of movement on the part of the target, it is possible for the melee strike to miss if the target is moving too rapidly or if the player encounters an obstruction while dashing. Also bear in mind that the dash can trigger whether you are moving or not, and if you try to stab someone as they pass by a corner in which you are hiding, it can effectively pull you out of your cover.

The Pro version (unlocked by making 20 melee kills with the perk equipped, including the knife, tactical knife and the riot shield) completely negates damage from high falls, which can be tactically exploited on maps with long drops such as QuarryFavelaSkidrow, and Underpass. When paired with LightweightMarathon, and a pistol with a tactical knife, a player can rapidly move behind and through enemy lines and silently kill clustered enemies in quick succession.

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