Band Of Brilliance

After Captain Price is rescued from the Russian gulag, he carries out a plan to end the war in the United States. Task Force 141 must secure a route to a docked submarine in Russia. Price makes his way to the submarine. The mission begins with you and Price taking out patrols in the snowy woods; follow his instructions to avoid alerting enemy patrols. You will frequently encounter groups of two or more enemies; avoid them as much as possible, but if you must, you need to be fast on the trigger and take them out. Their dogs are especially dangerous since they can sniff you out. At one point a BTR-80 will attack you; follow Price into the woods to avoid its fire.

You will eventually regroup with the task force and initiate your attack on the sub base. Use your Predator Missile as much as possible, especially against the helicopter, tanks, and enemies clustered near vehicles and explosives.

Price heads to the submarine, while you will follow Ghost to a building where you can defend from the enemies. Ghost, who is unaware of Price's plans, warns Price that the sub's missile silo doors are opening, only to learn in shock that it was exactly as he planned. Price launches a nuclear missile with the intent to detonate it in the upper atmosphere as anEMP.

The EMP ensures the survival of Sergeant Foley and his men from the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment in Washington D.C, but the shockwave destroys the International Space Station.


Intel No. 31: After out running the BTR. Heading North, near 3 men patrols and West of the oil pipe, under the parachute.
Intel No. 32: At submarine base, enter building marked "33" at west corner, then immediately turn south.
Intel No. 33:  Take stairs up to helipad at north-west corner. Intel is also at north-west corner of the helipad.

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