Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare 

Countdown is a multiplayer map for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The design of the map features missile silos, small hangars (2 on each side of the map, rather close to each other), blast shields that offer some cover, and tank trucks to climb. Intense battles usually occur on this map. This is evident on gametypes such asHeadquartersSabotage and Domination. LMGs and Assault Rifles seem to be preferred on this map, with Digital camouflage as well. In spite of the largely flat layout, the Goodbye challenge (killing yourself by falling 30 feet to your death) can be easily achieved by falling down into one of the uncovered missile silos that previously held an ICBM. Players that enjoy more confined, enclosed combat tend to dislike this map due to its large flat layout.

Sniping is a good strategy but do not plan on "setting up camp", as the shifts between sides of the field occur very often and the numerous visual obstacles (smoke, silo covers, etc) allow opponents with cover - making ambush a high possibility. Find the fight, get one or two kills, then move on.

Stuns and Frags are very useful on this map, as all 4 warehouses are favorite hiding places for campers, behind crates or missile racks, in most game modes. Throwinggrenades before entering the warehouse will often result in easy kills. Many sniper spots are available, spots to be noted are the top of missile and the tops of trucks.Other sniper spots to be considered are the containers north of the downed helicopter and between the warehouses. 

  • With both sides of the map, an opposing team member could easily flank.
  • Climbing onto silo covers, missiles, and trucks provides advantageous vantage points. Though, be aware you become an easy target.
  • In Domination, try to hold A and B and maintain pressure up the open left side of the map as it's easier to spot people approaching than it is on the covered area near C and the fallen chopper
  • The short metal dumpsters make excellent cover as most people will stop in their tracks and try to line up a headshot while you mow them down. To counter the player in this position, use deep impact and shoot at their body through the dumpster. This is easier than aiming for the head and allows you to move and duck while shooting.
  • This is another map where smokes are a huge help in crossing the open areas


  • This is another map where smokes are a huge help in crossing the open areas


  • One of the silo's has a missile in it that has yet to be launched. You can jump and stand on the missile.
  • If you target an airstrike in one of the empty missile silos, then the F-15s/MiG-29s will fly at ground level, and the airstrike will land at the base of the silo.
  • Airstrikes will not detonate the missiles inside the silos.
  • The over turned Gas Truck in front of Hangar 1 has the license plate of Retard, spelled with a backwards 'R', 3, T, 4, another Backwards 'R', and a D.
  • On the edge of the map, there are two containers and one trailer. They all have letters on them, one container says Inf Nty Wrd, which is Infinity Ward, another has Call of Duty, which is Call of Duty, and the trailer says MW CoD, which is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
  • In the vents there is a light at the bottom although no light is visible, even in spectate.
  • Also, in the vents is a fan located at the very bottom. There is no fan in the campaign map however.
  • The SAM launchers scattered across the map are 2K12 "Kub" launchers.
  • Noticeable from the far left vent, you can see a tree floating outside the map.
  • Jumping into a silo, although killing you, will reward you 250 points (first time only).
  • The Airstrike warplanes will fly out of the mountains and right through them as if the mountains weren't solid, a noticeable glitch.


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