Call Of Duty : Black Ops

The Counter Spy Plane appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops as a 4 killstreak. When called in, it obscures every map an enemy player has with static, although the outline of the map is still viewable in the pause menu. This also means that when calling in a killstreak which requires a map (Such as a Napalm Strike) the map will also be covered in static making it very hard to accurately place the strike. The Counter-Spy Plane also greatly slows down an enemy team, as they have to rely on their eyes and ears purely to locate enemies. Many players will wait in a location until the Counter-Spy Plane leaves or is shot down as they don't want to get ambushed. 


Most useful when enemy spy plane is up and especially if an enemy Blackbird is active, as it is the only thing capable of countering it.

Can be used to effectively hide yourself from enemy Motion sensor.

Most players may not like this killstreak because it does not hurt anyone. But it can be very annoying to the other team, because most players look at their radar to spot enemies.

The bigger map in the start menu is still visible while a counter-spy plane is active.

Even though the Counter-Spy Plane lasts for 30 seconds, it can only be viewed for 25 seconds and during that time, it can be shot down.

The Counter-Spy Plane will always fly counter-clock wise. 

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