Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare


Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

The map is relatively small in comparison with other maps, and plays host to intense and fast paced matches. There are many blind corners and narrow corridors and dark corners, which encourage players to camp. Conversely, there are large open spaces and high rooftops which allow players to snipe. Airborne Killstreak Rewards such as the Harrier Strikes or Attack Helicopters have limited effect due to the high availability of cover. Conversely, UAVs can help root out the players that are taking cover. The thin walls allow players using Deep Impact or FMJ to kill people window camping, or those defending bombs in Search and Destroy or Demolition. 

In Domination or Ground War Domination holding the three story building and the small shop with the roof top and having snipers and machine gunners in those buildings is a good tactic for spawn trapping. (NOTE: The player needs points A & B and this is recommended with a full or almost full party.) In TDM a similar tactic can be used, but don't rush in to their spawn or it will change. If the player is on the opposite side, rush down the alley way to the left of the small shop and take the A flag. 


  • Near the USMC/TF141 spawn, off-map to the right of the grassy hill, there is a signature written clearly in sand bricks. This is easily visible in free-spectate mode. The signature reads "REMY".
  • Crash is one of the top 10 multiplayer maps according to the GameInformers list of "Top Ten FPS Multiplayer Maps."
  • This map made a return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, being included in the Stimulus Package DLC.
  • In Modern Warfare 2 the destroyed cars have been replaced with still functional ones that can be destroyed. Players can crawl underneath the white pickup trucks before and after they have been destroyed.
  • The downed CH-46 SeaKnight in the map's square is from Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 161 (it says HMM-161 on each side) the "Greyhawks" based at Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar, California.
  • There is another version of this map called Winter Crash. It is similar to Crash, but with a Christmas theme. It is only available on PC and Mac.
  • The buildings on this map, along with the buildings of Overgrown in Modern Warfare 2, are differently colored than in the first Modern Warfare.
  • On the Northern end of the map, there is a building that has stairs and plants in it. It is never accessed though.
  • In the top floor of the building behind the crashed helicopter the player can see a photo on the wall, showing two people on camels, dressed like Arabians. These are actually employees from Infinity Ward , during their research trip in Egypt for Call of Duty 2. The man in the front is Grant Collier, former president of Infinity Ward.
  • The OpFor seem to have better camouflage due to their darker color uniform. The many dark corners are great places to camp.
  • When on the top level of the three story building, grenades from grenade launchers can not go through the fencing. However, Semtex will stick to the fencing and the explosion is unaffected by the fence.
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