Call Of Duty : Black Ops

 The CZ75 is first obtainable in the mission Numbers where it is dual-wielded in the beginning by Hudson. It can obtained from the holsters of the Spetsnaz troops with no attachment, dual wield, full-auto, or both attachments. The player is also given one with no attachments when Hudson wipes out on the ground. It appears again in the missions WMD, Victor Charlie, Crash Site, Payback, Rebirth, andRedemption in the Spetsnaz troops holsters. In these missions, it appears the same way it does in Numbers with all the same attachments.

In multiplayer, it is the "Classified" handgun, meaning it is unlocked by buying all other pistols. Its standard magazine capacity is 12 rounds, and is increased to 18 with the Extended Mag attachment. The weapon had gained a large amount of popularity as a sidearm online due to its relatively large magazine, and the ability to fire fully automatic. Note that the CZ75 has idle sway without the Full Auto attachment. With the perk Second Chance and the Full Auto attachment for the CZ75, the player will instead use the default last stand pistol, the M1911. When equipped with Full-Auto, it is advised to fire as if it was still semi auto. This will keep the recoil down, and every round will hit the target. Players with fast trigger fingers should avoid the full-auto attachment, as it adds recoil and reduces damage, as well as the fact that it fires slower then it's semi-auto fire cap. Instead, it is recommended that a player would use the extended mags attachments, which allows for the potential of multiple enemies to be killed before reloading.

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