Call Of Duty : Black Ops

The Death Machine is obtainable in the mission Vorkuta, where the player uses it to fight through the Soviet prison guards trying to prevent their escape. It has a capacity of 999 rounds, and instead of aiming down sights, the barrel spins, allowing the player to fire immediately. Spinning the barrel slows the player down; the Death Machine comes with an uncommon, diamond cross-hair.

The Death Machine, similar to the Grim Reaper, is kept in the player's inventory for as long as the match lasts, and will only become active upon firing the first shot. The Death Machine has a maximum capacity of 499 rounds and it acts identically to the version in Singleplayer. The user's Movement Speed while holding the weapon is slower than their primary weapon, and the player also cannot sprint or go prone with it. If the player holding the Death Machine is killed, the weapon disappears and cannot be picked up. If the player switches back to their original weapon, they will lose the weapon. The Death Machine, although seemingly uncontrollable, is the exact opposite. It has very low recoil, having almost none, and very high damage (2 shot kill anywhere, 1 shot kill at close range). It has a very high fire rate, and does not need to reload. It is capable of going full-auto at the most extreme ranges. These characteristics make The Death Machine ideal for Prefire. Using any other weapons or equipment will cause it to drop, losing the Death Machine permanently. The killstreak, which can be quite useful in Core modes, sees less usefulness in Hardcore modes, where most any other gun can kill in little more than a single hit and the amount of time to spool up the Death Machine may prove fatal in a firefight. In addition, the artificial aiming reticule is not present given the limited HUD, making aiming more difficult. 

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