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Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

The DP-28 is unlocked at level 13. It is an effective machine gun with a decent fire rate and a large ammo capacity of 47 rounds. The DP-28 and the BAR are actually very similar. The differences, though, are that the DP-28 has a higher rate of fire, somewhat less recoil, higher capacity, and different iron sights. However, the BAR has the faster reload and higher movement speed. One is better off burst firing or firing off single, quick shots, and going full auto at closer ranges. So you can reload frequently. It is the first of the "large capacity" machine guns available to the player. This weapon is the most powerful machine gun, and with the correct perks make it a very deadly weapon indeed, using only a few rounds will kill an enemy.

It takes only 1 bullet to kill in a hardcore match, stopping power or none.

This is an all around reliable machine gun whose only flaws are a relatively slow reload and lowered movement speed.


  • The DP-28 is the only weapon in World at War to appear only in multiplayer matches, outside of the Nazi Zombie maps.
  • It is known by some players as the Pizza Gun or the Dinner Plate 28 due to its unique magazine.
  • A version called the DT was the standard machine gun used on Red Army vehicles. It had a 60 round magazine and could be removed for use while dismounted, or if the tank got knocked out.

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