Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare 

In Singleplayer, the Dragunov is used by the Ultranationalists, Loyalists, and OpFor. It is the most frequently encountered sniper rifle and is found in most levels. Unlike the multiplayer counterpart, the Dragunov in Singleplayer has virtually no recoil at all, but has a fire rate cap whereas the multiplayer variant can be fired as fast as desired.

In multiplayer, the Dragunov is unlocked at level 22. Like all sniper rifles, the only available attachment is theACOG Scope. This weapon is capable of killing an enemy in one shot, if the enemy is shot in the chest or above (excluding arms). Because the Dragunov lacks any x1.1 or x1.4 multipliers, Stopping Power has no effect on this weapon unless shooting at targets using Juggernaut or through walls. It is also one of the six weapons that can have a golden color scheme. The Dragunov is the best sniper rifle to use without Stopping Power by a considerable margin (in Hardcore gamemodes). It is tied with the Barrett .50cal and R700 for damage (all without Stopping Power) and can fire as fast as the M21. This leaves room for another tier 2 perk, such as UAV Jammer or Overkill. The Dragunov is also extremely effective in Hardcore. But take note of its length, it can give away the player's position.

Call Of Duty : Black Ops

 The Dragunov appears in the campaign in the levels Crash Site,Executive Order, and Numbers. When Mason is ordered to defend the downed plane, the Dragunov will be lying on the ground in front of the player. Sniping the enemy combatants with the weapon is optional, however it is recommended as they are quite far away.

The Dragunov is the first Sniper Rifle available to the player in multiplayer, becoming available at the unlocking of Custom Classes. It is also part of the default Sniper class.

The weapon kills in one shot from the chest up under normal conditions, excluding shoulders. This gives it the same probability of a one-shot kill as the WA2000 and the PSG1, although the WA2000 has much lower recoil at the cost of less ammo. The scope reticle uses chevrons.

As is the case with any Sniper Rifle, it is a good idea to carry a secondary weapon that can be used at close range.

The Dragunov can be obtained from the Mystery Box in Five andKino der Toten. It is a reasonably good support weapon until around round 8 where it starts to lose its power. When Pack-a-Punched it becomes the D115 Disassembler, and sports higher damage and a Variable Zoom scope.


  • The Dragunov, W1200 and the M1911 are the only equip-able weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that are in singleplayer and Museum levels, but not multiplayer.
  • Some of the ghillie snipers in "Loose Ends" use Dragunovs.
  • The player reloads the Dragunov with the right hand, unlike other weapons in the series where they reload with the left.
  • The WA2000 seems to have replaced the Dragunov in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as they have the same stats but the WA2000 has a smaller magazine size, most likely for balancing reasons.
  • In multiplayer for Call of Duty 4 on the DS, the Dragunov is tilted upwards until it has been fired.
  • The Dragunov makes a new firing sound when fired compared to Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2.
  • In Call of Duty 4, applying a Camouflage on the Dragunov covers the barrel, the upper receiver, and lower receiver. In Modern Warfare 2, Camouflage replaces the wooden furniture, the complete opposite.
  • Posters showing the weapons specifications (in real life) can be found in the map Salvage.
  • The Dragunov has a unique scope reticle in Call of Duty: Black Ops.
  • The Dragunov takes a more resemblance to the AK-47 than what it appears as in the Modern Warfare series.
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