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Evasion is a Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The objective is to evade enemy patrols and get to the safety of the village.

The Infinity Ward best time for this level is 43.65 seconds.

Stealth is very important in this level, as the enemy can quickly rush the player if they are discovered. Dogs should take top priority since they can quickly sniff out and down the player in one hit. Move slowly and cautiously and stay out of enemy flashlights. Due to the M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle being a suppressed weapon, killing groups of enemies quickly from long range is recommended, because, if left too long, enemies will disperse and become harder to find. The hazy weather also serves as an opponent to the player, as seeing enemies can be difficult through the fog - however, this also works to the player's advantage as human enemies will also have difficulty in seeing them. This must not lull the player into a false sense of security since dogs, as mentioned above, rely on their nose rather than their eyes to find the player. The level itself is quite linear with the objective always marked (along with the player's distance away from it.


  • If the player is spotted, he should take out his USP .45 with Tactical Knife and sprint to the finish line, only killing enemies in his way.
  • Once the player kills the first few enemies he should trade one of their weapons for his USP.45 just in case he gets spotted. However, the player may miss his tactical knife.
  • An easy way to take out the large group at the end, is to kill the guy in the back when he goes off and lags a little behind the rest of the group. Then the player should wait for the other guy to come around and if he wants, he can kill him when he stops just short of where the river opens up.
  • On Veteran there will be 3 men and a dog just before the player gets to the river. The easiest way to take these men out is to kill the 2 men standing next to eachother. After that kill the man and the dog.
  • The best way to take out a guy and a dog is to make sure to take the dog out first. The dog will be alerted as soon as the player takes out his handler and somtimes will rush the player straight away.
  • Hug the right side all the way, and crawl under the pipe.  It is easy to finish with just a few kills.

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