Band Of Brilliance

The Red Army has advanced to Berlin and now attempts to gain control of the city. In the beginning, you are in an abandoned building and Reznov will ask you if you're ready to fight. When you reach the next room, a German will be executed by a Russian, but you can shoot the German dead on the spot. After this, you'll move on through into the next room in which a German is trying to desperately call for help on a radio. They'll then notice you, and you'll have to kill all of the Germans in the room. In the next room, a Russian can be killed if you don't shoot the executing German in time, but the other Russian with him will escape once you kill the Germans inside. Sgt. Reznov's squad fights through this building and enters the street. There you are told to kill all Nazis in the streets, although the tanks will take care of most of them. The army continues the fight through the street to a metro entrance. Reznov tells you to kill all the wounded Germans on the street, but they can be simply ignored. When Reznov's squad reaches the metro, three Germans attempt to surrender. The player has a choice to kill them or not. If the player does, Reznov will compliment you on your mercy ("Dimitri understands the nature of mercy killing"). If not, your allies will light them all on fire with Molotov Cocktails. The Germans then use artillery to crush the rapidly advancing Soviets and start making the area a danger zone, thus, the squad enters the metro as a last resort. The metro's lights are off, and Reznov tells you to stay where you are in the metro and wait for the lights to pop on. Reznov attempts to open a locked door after clearing out lots of Germans in the metro, while the player keeps the Germans off. All of a sudden the subway is flooded by the Germans in a desperate attempt to kill the Russians. The level ends with the player submerged in water, quite similar to Vendetta.

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