Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

A new set of sights are used, as the original sights are located in the carry handle (which has been covered by a Picatinny rail). Similar to the M16A4, the FAMAS is a very effective assault rifle especially at range. One burst will kill with Stopping Power at any range, as long as all three shots hit. It is not recommended to use FMJ with the FAMAS because it already has a high penetration rate, unless one is doing so to obtain the Extended Mags.

The FAMAS has a slower reload, but less damage drop off than the M16A4. This difference in damage make the FAMAS slightly better than the M16A4 at medium range. Stopping Power can be used to ensure one burst kills at any range and increase lethality in close quarters combat.

The FAMAS (like all other, non-Sniper/AK-47 weapons) has no sway with the iron sights, Red Dot Sight, or Holographic Sight even when moving. With the iron sights, Red Dot Sight or Holographic Sights the FAMAS has virtually no recoil, so it can be fired as quickly as the gun will allow with almost no detriment to accuracy. However, the ACOG and Thermal scopes introduce a fair amount of vertical recoil making it much trickier to land follow up shots or even determine if the target is down (this can actually be useful for achieving Expert challenges as the recoil will often result in accidental headshots).

Call Of Duty : Black Ops 

The Famas is found in the later stages of Black Ops, mainly on CIA and Spetsnaz operatives, with various attachments. In the level "Redemption," a Famas with a Reflex and a Dual Mag is one of Mason's starter weapons.

The Famas, being an assault rifle, excels at close-mid range. As with all automatic weapons, it has moderate recoil during automatic fire, bursts are recommended, but not completely necessary because of its high rate of fire vs. its relatively low recoil (per shot). The Famas holds its own very well in close quarters due to its high rate of fire. It requires three shots at close and four at longer ranges to kill, same as the other automatic assault rifles, though those have higher damage numbers, but it shoots 25% faster. Its high rate of fire and good damage allows the Famas to hold its own in CQB, especially in hardcore where its high rate of fire allows it to compete reasonably well with SMGs. The gun's major drawback is relatively high recoil during sustained fire. The FAMAS suffers from significant rightward and slightly upward aim recoil.

Dual Mags, Sleight of Hand and Scavenger are choices for the Famas, as its high rate of fire chews through ammo rather quickly, and Dual Mags and Sleight of Hand cut the reload down to less than half a second for a non-depleted magazine. Extended Mag would also help remedy the speed at which the Famas depletes ammo. The Dual Mag attachment increases the Famas' starting ammunition from 120 to 180. The Famas has decent iron sights as well, meaning that the use of a Red Dot Sight or Reflex Sight is the player's preference.

A trick that works for all Black Ops assault rifles but particularly well for high rate of fire weapons like the Famas is burst fire to reset the recoil calculation. When one applies this to the Famas two quick trigger pulls will reliably kill enemies at any range though it is smart to hold the trigger down slightly longer for the first burst 


  • The FAMAS has a thirty-round magazine capacity, despite having the F1 25-round magazine model.
  • In some parts of the campaign, you can find a standard black FAMAS with white tape on it that acts as the Arctic Camouflage.
  • In Museum, the FAMAS' sight has "Infinity Ward, Encino CA" written on it. This is a reference to Infinity Ward's headquarters, which are located in Encino, CA.
  • There is a non-functional laser-emitter mounted on the side. It is most noticeable when camouflage is applied or in the create-a-class picture.
  • The tactical rail on the FAMAS for the sights cannot be applied as there is no component on the handle to attach a rail. (The French military issues rails to sit in the sights in front of the grenade sights and is held in place by a screw on the left side of the hand guard. However, these rail are not available to citizens.)

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