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Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

The Stinger is available in multiplayer as a secondary weapon, unlocked at level 30. It can lock onto killstreak vehicles and comes with 2 rockets. The drawback is that it cannot be fired without a lock-on and thus can not be fired at infantry.

It is better than the AT4 in taking down killstreak aircraft due to a better tracking system, a faster missile speed, and higher damage. It takes one missile to bring down UAVsAttack Helicopters, and HarriersPave Lows and Chopper Gunners are a little trickier to dispatch, as they release flares which often re-direct the missile entirely so 2 missiles will generally be necessary. AC-130s take 3 missiles to kill, having two flare defenses. This means that you must get help from a teammate or use the Scavenger perk to find another missile. Another Option for taking out Pave Lows is to position yourself directly under the Pave Low and fire. The missile won't have time to veer off course toward the flares and will strike the Chopper destroying it.

As it is quite large and stored on the player's back, it can make the player more visible when partially behind cover.

Consider using Cold-Blooded with this weapon so air vehicles will not target you as you attempt to shoot them down, and also helps acquiring the pro version of said perk.

In the campaign it is used in the mission Wolverines! to shoot down enemy Helicopters. It can also be found in The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday and can be used to destroy an enemy Helicopter.


  • The Stinger is the only lock-on launcher weapon that has two missiles, but is not stated in the name of the weapon.
  • If you look at the Stinger very closely, clearly visible through a sniper scope, it has writing that says "BLAH BLAH BLAH".
  • In Call of Duty 4 multiplayer, objectives in Search and Destroy are depicted as stingers packed into boxes.
  • In Call of Duty 4, there is Russian print on the side of the weapon. This is utterly peculiar as the Stinger was only manufactured in the US, Germany, Switzerland and Turkey and not supplied to Russia.
  • On Infinity Ward's website the Stinger was voted the favorite rocket launcher in Modern Warfare 2.
  • The Stinger will not lock-on through glass in multiplayer due to the fact that infra-red light will not penetrate glass. Maps with glass skylights like Terminal must be shot out with regular bullets before you can lock on to an enemies air support.
  • Harriers do not count towards the Stinger Marksman challenges, only helicopters do.
  • When an EMP is used, the launcher will not stop working, however the missiles will not do full damage.
  • There is a fingerprint on the ironsight in Modern Warfare 2.
  • It is possible to destroy 2 or more enemy Air Support , with 1 Stinger missile. This can be useful, for destroying a vehicle that still has flare counter-measures, by targeting a nearby aircraft that has used their flare, or lacks one, already.
  • On rare occasions, if the Stinger is fired at an enemy aircraft as it leaves the map it will chase the aircraft until it is completely removed from play, allowing the user to destroy it and get the corresponding XP bonus anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds after it leaves the map.
  • If you shoot a missile at an enemy aircraft and it starts leaving the map before the missile reaches it, it will chase it and hit it, returning a damage report (X) but not destroying it or giving XP
  • When fired at aircraft that have no flares, or have used them, if it misses it will curve in a giant arc and still destroy the target. the exception to this is harriers, sometimes the missile will miss and arc around to miss again and hit the battlefield.
  • The Stinger is used by an SAS to destroy a chopper that flies above the player. There is no other stinger on the level, but the empty launcher can be seen.
  • If you manage to destroy the first helicopter in "All Ghillied Up", Macmillan will say: "All right, now you're just showing off".
  • If the Stinger missile is diverted by flares or the target is destroyed before it can hit, the missile will tail off and hit somewhere else in the battlefield. Thus, it is possible to kill another player with the rocket. Also if a enemy jumps in front of you as you launch the missile you will both be killed.
  • On top of the Stinger scope, there's writings which form names, these can be seen through a sniper scope: 8R0CKH8URD (Blackbird) - P3A58NT (Peasant) - T5U38M1 (Tsunami) - M8GN3TH38D (Magnethead) - QW33F8E8ST (Qweefbeast) - 5t0n3p13l0t (Stonepilot) - CH08ACCA (Chewbacca) - G315L3R (Geisler) - L0N65H035 (Longshoes) - C0177PY6 (Coitus) - 120YC3 (Royce) - PO12T312 (Porter) - 5OUPY (Soupy) - L0RCK (Lorck) - G121GG1 (Griggs) - K177Y (Kitty)

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