Call Of Duty : Black Ops  

The Flamethrower lets out an invisible projectile traveling along the flame stream that causes 50 points of damage. Each projectile eats up 4% of fuel in the 100% tank, meaning 25 "shots" total. The flame projectiles reach out to about 12.5 meters before fading out,almost the range of shotguns. It carries one spare fuel tank, and if reloaded it substitutes the whole tank, not just the amount needed, discarding any leftover ammo; unlike all other weapons. The Flamethrower can also be reload canceled. As with the other under-barrel attachments, the flamethrower's ammunition cannot be replenished via Scavenger. If the player is using Warlord, they can't equip any other attachment if the Flamethrower is equipped.

This is a good weapon if the player has run out of ammo/conserving it and is in a CQB situation. Staying behind close to houses and hugging the hallways . 

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