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Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

The G3 is a common gun in Single Player. It can be found in all SAS missions and the later USMC levels. It is fully automatic, unlike its multiplayer variant. It is one of the most powerful single player weapons available, dealing a maximum of 160 damage, and a minimum of 100. It has moderate recoil, but it doesn't matter in most cases as it is a one hit kill at most ranges. This makes it a great substitute for your pistol/empty primary weapon.

In multiplayer, this gun is unlocked at 2nd Lieutenant (Rank 25). It is a semi automatic rifle with high damage (30-40 damage), low recoil and very high accuracy.

The G3 excels in Hardcore mode, where it delivers 1 hit kills at any range without stopping power (assuming the target does not have Juggernaut), and is always a one-hit kill if stopping power is used. If the first shot misses, the low recoil of this gun means the player will be able to track their target and hopefully deliver a killing shot. Some people do prefer the M14 in Hardcore, because it does not need Stopping Power for one-hit-kills against Juggernauts.

As with all assault rifles (excluding the MP44), the attachments available include the Grenade Launcher, the Red dot sight, theSilencer and the ACOG scope. When an ACOG scope is used, this gun receives a larger zoom than other guns with an ACOG scope, so it is a better gun to use with an ACOG scope. However, the silenced G3 still possesses a bug in its knifing, causing the stab attack's delay in dealing damage to be 1.3 seconds instead of 0.13 seconds. This makes a stab kill to the front nearly impossible, as most enemies will kill you long before the damage is done, but it does not affect the slash.


  • When you have a M203 Grenade launcher attached to the G3, the weapon gets a new muzzle flash.
  • The G3 is actually incompatible with the M203 grenade launcher unless using mod tools, such as one found with the M203 PI, which is designed to be attached with other weapons such as the G3 or even the AK-47 and MP5. The grenade launcher originally meant for the G3 is the HK79.
  • Some say that this is the "big-brother" of the MP5; it has the same iron sights and cocking mechanism. In fact, the G3 is the basis of MP5, HK21/23, PSG-1, and MSG-90. It is also very similar in appearance, however, the fully automatic version deals more damage, with a lower rate of fire. When disassembling a G3 and an MP5 next to each other, the MP5's parts would actually look exactly the same as the G3's, although of a smaller scale, of course.
  • It is the most popular weapon used by players with rapid-fire or modified controllers, due to its high power and low recoil.
  • The actual reload time and the reloading animation for a loaded reload are about 0.5 seconds off, meaning you actually reload before the magazine is even inserted.
  • The mulitiplayer version of this weapon can be compared to the G43, since both have good power, high accuracy, and low recoil.
  • The G3 is Automatic in Singleplayer but semi automatic in multiplayer.
  • A G3 with Red Tiger Camouflage appeared in the Modern Warfare 2 Reveal Trailer in the hands of the early Shadow Company, but was cut in the final game, being replaced by the FAL.

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