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Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

The G36C is first introduced to the player in F.N.G. as a weapon used for target practice. It is later available to the player in all SAS missions, though it never appears in any USMC missions. The G36C always comes with a Tasco Red Dot Sight, being one of the two weapons that are only found with a RDS, the other being the M4 Carbine. It also must be noted that this is the signature weapon of Gaz

In Multiplayer, the G36C is available to the player at rank 37. It has the same bullet damage as the M4 Carbine, but the M4 has less recoil, a higher rate of fire, and more idle sway. The G36C is capable of attaching the Grenade LauncherSilencerRed dot sight, and the ACOG scope, the same as all assault, with the exception of the MP44. The Red dot sight is usually the attachment of choice among most players, but due to the minimal sway compared with other ACOG compatible guns, the ACOG scope is also quite effective.

Choosing this or the M4 Carbine is a matter of personal opinion, but the M4 Carbine is more common because it is unlocked at an early level (10 as opposed to 37 with the G36C).


  • In reality, the G36 mounts its own grenade launcher, the AG36, and is not capable of mounting the M203 without much modification.
  • In-game, the translucent plastic magazine always appears full, no matter how many bullets are actually in the magazine.
  • In various missions, the Loyalists are shown using the G36C. Russia has never used the G36 series of weapons. This may, however, be done to facilitate ammunition similarity with SAS troops that use the G36C. In-universe, it may be because the Loyalists have been pushed out of their own territory by the Ultranationalists, forcing them to use whatever weapons they can get a hold of.
  • During the mission All Ghillied Up, the G36C can be found in game, even though in real life the G36 family hadn't been introduced into public until November 3, 1997. The G36C or G36 series was most unlikely to be seen outside of the Bundeswehr.
  • In Singleplayer, the red dot sight seen on the G36C in first-person is a Tasco sight; when the weapon is dropped, the model sports an M68 sight.
  • In multiplayer, the red dot sight for the G36C looks like a Tasco red dot sight in third person, but in first person it is the normal Red Dot Sight.
  • If one looks at another player with a G36C, close up it will look just like the G36C. However, if you keep backing up. the shape of the gun changes and it resembles the XM8.
  • Although the G36C is just a variant of the actual weapon, it has seen more popular media references than the original weapon.
  • One of Xbox 360 Themes for MW2 include a G36 with a Tasco sight, neither of which is in game.
  • The first person model of the weapon always appears to be set on semi automatic.

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