Call Of Duty : Black Ops

Hacker makes all enemy equipment, Sentry Guns, and SAM Turrets glow bright red. The glow is visible through all surfaces and from any distance. Its Pro version allows the user to booby trap enemy Care Packages, turn enemy killstreaks (i.e. Sentry Gun and SAM Turret) and equipment friendly, and remain undetected by enemy Motion Sensors.

It takes three seconds to complete a hack on enemy equipment/killstreaks.

When hacking an enemy Care Package the player will capture the package normally; however, the package will turn into a decoy package instead of disappearing when captured. The decoy will appear as a random killstreak reward to the enemy, and as soon as a player attempts to capture the booby trapped care package it will detonate, killing the person who set it off and any other nearby enemies. When hacked, the care package will change color from red to black from the hacker's perspective.

When a player hacks enemy equipment/killstreaks, that piece of equipment will become friendly to the player and his team, but they will be unable to pick it up and reposition it.

When a player hacks a Camera Spike, they will gain control of the camera's feed but they will be unable to toggle between the feed and the mini-map.

As of now, the Wii version doesn't make the equipment glow through walls, just glow when the player can directly see it, negating most of it's usefulness.

  • Destroys – Destroy 10 equipment or explosives while using Hacker.
  • Explosive Kills – Kill 25 enemies with a Claymore or C4.
  • Near Equipment Kills – Kill 25 enemies within the radius of your Jammer or Motion Sensor. 
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