Call Of Duty 5 : World At War 

Hangar is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: World at War. It is a medium-sized map, and is quite open. It is comparable in size, placement, hiding, and sniping ability to Call of Duty 4s map Vacant. As the name suggests, the map features an aircraft hangar in disrepair. This is a good map to make use of Shotguns and Submachine Guns. 

Take advantage of the open area. Have a gun that has good mobility and high damage. Mainly, a machine gun would do this with flying colors. SMGs at medium to close range work as well because the map is not very large.

Have a team and gang up on people; this is a useful tactic in all game types and maps, but this map is definitely a place to stick together. Often, a well oiled team can easily defend the hangar interior with ease, sporting one or two snipers near the fighter planes and other players defending the entrances with Bouncing Betties. Do not "blob" with the 

team, a.k.a. sticking in a large group of people, it is never known if an enemy is equipped with a Rifle Grenade which could mean a large kill streak for the opposite team. Try to spread out, but stay together. Try to not be a sniper unless the whole map is memorized. Due to the graphical limitations of the Wii, the Wii version will be a lot harder to play as a Marine as they are easily visible and the hangar is extremely dark. Every piece of cover on this map is penetrable. Try using a weapon with high penetration or use Deep Impact.

Bouncing Betties can be a thorn if placed correctly. Place it not too close but in the killing zone.

Both teams spawn quite close to each other in Team Deathmatch. 


  • In a cell in the 2 story building near the Marine spawn there is a dead Russian soldier and the ghost of a soldier torturing someone from time to time. It sounds as if a Japanese man talks, then the player will hear a whip and a scream. Also in this cell is a blood splatter that looks like someone wielding a knife and another that resembles a gun (only slightly).
  • In the same cell, the blood splatter could also look like God, because it looks like a person with a robe holding a staff.
  • If the player goes into spectator mode and go outside of the map, they can see a lot of Zeroes and other hangars.
  • If the player dies on the wire cots placed in the huts they will fall right through.
  • If the player stays quiet it is possible to hear a Marine Raider shouting in the distance and a man announcing something over a unseen speaker. It seems like he says, "No nota noten ya!"
  • In the upstairs part of the hangar there is a radio that plays messages in Japanese.
  • There is a phone much like the one in Shi No Numa in the hangar,
  • There is a type writer on a desk that says Shi No Numa.
  • Outside the map there is a fire that seems to be started by nothing.


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