Band Of Brilliance

At the start of the mission, the player is treading through a swamp, in order to out-flank most of the Japanese defense. They come across a downed F4U Corsair, which a group of Marines examine and try to pull the dead pilot out. However, the plane is wired with booby traps and explodes, signaling a Japanese ambush consisting of well camouflaged Banzai Chargers. If they get too close, the player might need to fend them off. After dispersing yet more enemies, the player is out of the swamp and is faced with trenches and turrets. After clearing these out, there is yet another machine gun nest. A Marine with a M2 Flamethrower runs up and goes prone behind an earth mound, but the player need not follow him. When he gets up, he is shot and the player is told to retrieve the flamethrower. The player then proceeds to burn the pillbox. The group of Marines then moves down a road, and is faced with a large Japanese stronghold. The player is then told to pick up an M1 Garand with an attached grenade launcher. After clearing out the building, the player proceeds to help out some tanks that are trying to enter an enemy airfield. After covering the tanks, he must clear out the main building and nearby trenches. Once he kills the soldiers manning anti-aircraft guns, a whole load of enemy reinforcements arrive. As soon as a tank threatens them, the player is told to man an AA gun and destroy it. When it is destroyed, the mission ends.

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