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Hidden is a Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The objective is to reach the extraction point, silently eliminating any enemy along the way.

Hidden is an accurate remake of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare level All Ghillied Up.

The Infinity Ward best time for this level is 1 minute 45.6 seconds.

The level takes place in Pripyat, and the player must navigate their way to the extraction point, which is where the level All Ghillied Up began, from the shipping container area. The player begins the level with a Silenced Intervention and a Silenced USP .45, but there are silenced weapons at the start that are able to be picked up. The game keeps track of how long the player takes to reach the extraction point and is also ranked on how efficiently they kill each individual enemy; the system used includes "Perfect" kills, "Good" kills or "Average" kills. Killing an unaware soldier counts as a "Perfect" kill. Killing a suspicious soldier counts as a "Good" kill. Killing an aware soldier counts as an "Average" kill. Killing a sniper without taking any damage from them counts as a "Perfect" kill. Killing a sniper after getting hit once by them counts as a "Good" kill. Killing a sniper after getting hit twice or more by them counts as an "Average" kill. This will not affect the star-based score that the player receives at the end of the mission in any way. That score is still based on the difficulty the player completed the mission on.


  • Beware of the enemy snipers in ghillie suits, they hardly ever miss (even on the easiest difficulty) and are inherently difficult to see.
  • Whenever facing the snipers, use anything for cover. Peek gently around corners; usually the sniper will shoot whatever you're hiding behind since they go for torso shots, thus giving away their position.
  • Although the ghillie snipers would take the most play time to find and kill, they usually do not present immediate danger if you do not present yourself to two snipers simultaneously and you get back into cover as soon as you are hit (they would try to sneak towards you to take you down after spotting you, albeit very slowly). The regular soldiers however are the ones who would attack you very aggressively when alerted and are usually the ones that really kill you.
  • Since the regular soldiers would attack you aggressively as soon as they are alerted, be careful when getting to the last area of the mission. It is possible for the ghillie snipers in the last area to spot you when you are in the middle of cleaning out the regular soldiers, and the remaining soldiers could be alerted and rush you when the snipers fire their sniper rifles at you.
  • The snipers will give away their position most of the time when they shoot. Just before they shoot you, the reflection of sunlight from their scopes (visible as a small flash) will indicate where the sniper is. Sometimes, they may even stand and shoot you. A good tactic for this if you are playing on co-op, one player can stay in one place to draw the enemy's fire and one player can look out for the other enemy snipers in the area.
  • When sneaking up on regular soldiers, keep in mind their surroundings; make sure no one can see your target before you shoot. Any signs of death will alert nearby enemies.
  • When you alert enemies, the background music suddenly changes to a different beat, this can inform the player if a possible attempt at sneaking or killing an enemy without anyone knowing he died, has failed.
  • Some soldiers are paired with one another, so it is advised you go for a two-kill shot if possible.
  • If you are caught, it is best to move to a position to where you can funnel the enemies through one spot, as it makes it easier to kill them. If you kill enough, they will stop coming after you.
  • Some times, Ghillie Snipers may lose their patience and go after you with their sniper rifles or their pistols. You can hear when their nearing as they make loud noises when moving about.
  • It is possible to go loud throughout the entire level as there aren't nearly enough enemies to fully overwhelm you.

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