Band Of Brilliance

The players start near a destroyed car and an ammo crate. They have one Thumper with twenty Grenades, one RPG-7 with four rockets and ten C4 and Claymores. They can go in three directions, left, straight on through a small shack or right. The first Juggernaut will be in either of these three directions. There is a pattern as to the number of juggernauts in the area. It is one, one, two, six. However there can only be a maximum of three at a time. This is one of the most difficult missions as it has multiple juggernauts appearing from any direction, and without a M82 or Intervention, they cannot be taken down quickly and accurately. However, a single shot from a thumper to the face will instantly kill them, so getting good at Thumper headshots helps a lot.

A recommended strategy doing this solo is to make use of corners, staying near the map start point and pound the juggernauts with your Thumper, since ammo crates can resupply your ammunition. The reload is fast enough to knock them down consecutively.  For example, once a juggernaut is moving towards you, backup around a corner give yourself sufficient room to fire the grenade (approximately 30 feet). Repeat firing on him until your "Hostile count" goes down ensuring he died.  Wait a moment to ensure a second juggernaut hasn't joined the fray and resupply if needed.  If a juggernaut gets around the corner and gets an angle to shoot, run back around a new corner and repeat.  Toss flash grenades if damaged or too close.

When multiple juggernauts come avoid getting flanked by running further back into the map tossing flash grenades if necessary. Resupply crates are in the back as well.  Once they are all coming around the same corner, use your Thumper as before. Note that a single Thumper round to the face will kill a juggernaut in one hit.

Do not use an RPG or C4 in the midst of battle; The RPG is too slow to aim and reload, although if you know how to reload cancel it, the reload is faster then the thumper's, making it good to quickly take him down in an alley way by shooting him or the wall and the juggernaut may shoot the C4 as you toss it, exploding in your face. Don't fire the Thumper too close or the grenade may not detonate.

A good solo technique is to use the long white house all the way to the left when you start. Jump through the window facing the ammo crate and set up C4 in front of a claymore at the only door in. Wait in the house until a juggernaut arrives, then use the Thumper to pepper the doorway. If the juggernaut starts coming towards you jump back through the window towards the ammo crate.

As soon as you are outside the AI sends the juggernaut back out the door to walk around to where you are. Immediately jump back in the house and pepper the juggernaut with Thumpers as he comes back towards the door. The juggernaut(s) will always move towards the door if you are inside, or back down the alley towards the window if you jump out.

When three juggernauts are there it becomes difficult to keep them in a bunch, it helps to throw stuns down the alley, to keep them close to the door. If you run short of ammo, the ammo crate is very close. If you become overwhelmed, jump out the window and run all the way around the outside of the map and go back in the house. This method takes about six minutes.

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