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Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

The holographic sight is first introduced to the player in The Bog. It is available exclusively in single-player on the "Grenadier" variant of the M4A1 Carbine. This weapon generally appears in only three levels, which are The BogWar Pig and Shock and Awe. It is also possible to obtain this weapon from Game Over. It is dropped by an S.A.S. operative who dies shortly after a car explodes on the destroyed bridge. It is different from the Red Dot Sight in that it has a superior reticle, but the game version limits the player's peripheral vision.

Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

In Modern Warfare 2, it is available in the Campaign, Special Ops, and multiplayer. It is very similar to the Red Dot Sight but with a different appearance and an increase in aim assist on consoles; unlike the Call of Duty 4 version, the optic's relative size and reticle on the screen is smaller and the player's peripheral vision is far greater than before. Many people don't notice a difference in functionality between the Red Dot Sight and the Holographic Sights.

The Holographic Sight is now an attachment in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer and is awarded for getting 60 kills while aiming down the Red Dot Sight for primary weapons, 100 kills with Machine Pistols and 250 kills with Shotguns (without the Red Dot Sight prerequisite). Unlike the RDS, the reticle in the middle doesn't sway when turning, and while it doesn't seem to have a greater zoom it does appear to be more accurate, making it often favored over its previous game counterpart. Some people find it easier to see their target and quickly find the reticle due to the semi-opaque "cut-out" cross hair which is a small circle with a larger circle around it. Others find that the larger sight actually obscures the target making it hard to aim precisely and acquire targets at range. As compared to a real Holographic Sight, the larger circle in the game is much closer to the smaller circle, which is why the larger one obscures the target so much. Additionally, the Holographic Sight has a thicker frame than the Red Dot Sight again reducing visibility. In the end, the preference between this sight and Red Dot Sight depends on whether you need long range pinpoint accuracy and have time for the sway to settle or whether you will be firing on the move. Some prefer the holographic to the red dot sight because of the accuracy difference. It is also important to note that on the sunny maps (such as Afghan), the Holographic sight will sometimes appear to glare, making far shots difficult, especially against snipers who are difficult to see anyway. This is another reason why the Red Dot Sight is preferred by some players for accurate shots.The sight also seems to follow your target when you aim down your sights.

The base damage for the FAL is increased from 35-55 to 40-55 when Holographic Sight is attached, or any bling variation that includes the Holographic Sight. It has also been shown that the M16 is slightly more accurate with the Holographic Sight than the Red Dot Sight, it also has reduced recoil with the holographic sight.

In the campaign it can be found attached to weapons used by various forces, such as Russian (both police and military), US Army Rangers, and even the Brazilian Militia.

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