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Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

In-game, there is much comparison between this weapon and the Barrett .50 cal, as both weapons have equal damage and multiplier values (1 hit kills to anywhere on the body other than the limbs with stopping power, chest and above without). The Barrett .50's semi-automatic fire is useful in close quarter combat or when multiple shots are required. The Barrett's high recoil also resets slightly faster than the bolt action cycling of the Intervention, permitting a more rapid follow-on for disciplined shooters. However, many argue that the lower recoil of the Intervention allows the player to keep the sights on target after firing, and this is worth the extra fraction of a second. By the same token, this means more self-control is required with the Barrett to maintain the same level of accuracy. It's also worth noting that when an enemy is hit by an Intervention's bullet the effect is more dramatic as you can see the bullet hit them as opposed the Barrett. The Intervention also reloads much faster, offsetting the smaller magazine.


  • The weapon has a greater and faster sway amount than any of the other sniper rifles found in the game. This is reminiscent of the R700 in Call of Duty 4, as they even share the same damage multipliers and status as bolt-action rifles.
  • The Intervention's real life magazine size is actually 7 rounds, not 5 rounds.
  • The Intervention makes a different noise in multiplayer than it does in single player or Special Ops. This does not apply when using a Silencer.
  • The Intervention's add time is much shorter than the actual reload animation, making it great for reload canceling.
  • The Intervention is the only bolt-action rifle found in Modern Warfare 2. This disappointed many gamers, as there is now a lack of bolt-action rifles to choose from.
  • When reloading with the Heartbeat Sensor attached the sensor is still fully visible.
  • The .408 CheyTac round did fall between the .50 BMG and .338 Lapua, but mainly in terms of power and recoil, as it has the high stopping power and penetration of a .50 cal bullet, while having the lower recoil of a .338 Lapua, combined with a recoil reduction system similar to the Barrett's.
  • The Intervention has the same bullet picture as all snipers in Multiplayer, but in Singleplayer and SpecOps, the bullets look like the same ones from the bolt-action snipers in COD4.
  • On the level "The Only Easy Day was Yesterday", you can find an Intervention equipped with a thermal sight and an AN/PEQ-2 Infrared laser sight ,which is an attachment not available for use on MP.
  • When reloading, it is possible to see the words "PUSH" on the side. This can be seen easily in well lit areas.
  • The Intervention has a telescopic stock, with the stock folded in the bolt can still be cycled.
  • While using the ACOG scope attachment, the Intervention's recoil seems to be virtually gone.
  • On the side, it says "C-975 INTERVENTION MOD-D type".
  • In Modern Warfare 2, the scope used on the Intervention is a Schmidt & Bender 3–12 x 50 PM II Military, though in real life, the scope used is the NightForce NXS2250 5.5-22x56.
  • The Intervention was voted the best sniper on the Military Channel, mainly for it's high tech targeting system not used anywhere in Modern Warfare 2.

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