Band Of Brilliance

The mission starts with a sandstorm while the player (playing as "Soap" MacTavish) and Price are hiding in the sand. The two then proceed toward a ridge and ambush a group of Shadow Company soldiers. Soap hooks up on a bridge and rappels down with Price. The two take out the two guards below them standing in front of the cave and then head inside.

They later are forced to hide as a patrol of soldiers check out what happened to the group they took out earlier. They sneak past a group of soldiers having a meeting. Price warns Soap of two soldiers with tac lights coming down the stairs. They kill them and the two continue. Upstairs, Price stabs a soldier before he notices two more are behind him. Soap and Price learn that Shadow Company soldiers are about to breach the door.

The two quickly take out the group as they come pouring in. Price tells Soap to take a riot shield for cover and walk along the catwalk while Price takes out the group. They later learn that Shepherd is being evacuated. They take out several groups of soldiers before proceeding to a door that Shadow Company soldiers have locked.

The duo then breach the door and kill all the soldiers behind it. After the room is clear, Shepherd notifies the soldiers in the cave that the site has been breached and that he is going to set off explosives inside the cave to attempt to kill Soap and Price. Price and Soap quickly hack the door controls so that they can get out before the explosions go off.

During their escape, Soap is injured, but quickly recovers. Shepherd then calls in an artillery strike, "danger close," in another desperate attempt to kill the two, but they still manage to survive. Price comments, like Corporal Dunn, that Shepherd doesn't care about danger close. Price and Soap then proceed to the Zodiacs that Shepherd mentioned earlier.


1st Intel After you shoot the smoking enemy in front of a security monitor, head east, the intel is on a gray crate.

2nd Intel After Price knifes the guard at the top of the stairs you will be ambushed by a patrol. After clearing the room Price will exit the cave to the east. Just before you exit the cave look to the northeast the intel will be between the last two red rights. The face of the intel will be pointed towards the cave wall so you can miss it if you just run by.

3rd Intel As you engage in the firefight through smoke and riot shields (before breaching the control room), head north along the right side wall; the intel is on a crate with a MG4.

4th Intel This intel is located inside the breached control room with explosives. There is a table located on the left of Capt. Price as he is using the terminal, before you exit the cave.

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