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Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

The weapon is found during the Soviet Red Army campaign and is usually used more than the Mosin-Nagant in the campaign because of the many German troops that use it, making ammo more readily available. On "Heart of the Reich" it is used in the early battles, but inside the Reichstag superior officers and Waffen SS Guards use the Gewehr 43 and STG-44s.

In Multiplayer, the Kar98k is unlocked at level 41. It is good to note that all bolt action rifles have the same accuracy, base damage, reload time and range. Accuracy is all dependent upon the users ability and when aim is steadied if a sniper scope is attached. The iron sights are considered quite easy to use as they are comparable to the Heckler and Koch weapons of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

When you attach the sniper scope, the Kar 98k shows its true power. It moves the least while firing and rotating the bolt, making it easier to spot enemies. It could be likened, statistically, to the R700 or the Intervention for its damage multipliers and being a bolt-action rifle, albeit without the higher sway.

Only the Springfield has faster bolt operation, by a few rounds per minute, which is negligible, but the Kar98k's ironsights are significantly easier to use. This weapon can kill in one shot from the chest up without stopping power, and from the stomach up with stopping power.


  • This gun is still in service as a sniper rifle as well as a traditional hunting rifle to this day, along with the many other copies of the M98 system.
  • In World at War, there is no Scoped version of this rifle in Campaign.
  • When you put it in the Pack-a-Punch Machine in the Nazi Zombies map Der Riese, its name becomes the "Armageddon".
  • The Kar98k places 6th on the Military Channel's Top Ten Rifles List.
  • In Call of Duty, the Kar98k features a non-german safety and cocking peice, other weapons were used by the Germans in the war, but only in small numbers.
  • The Springfield M1903 is a direct copy of this weapon, among others.
  • In Finest Hour, Big Red One, and possibly others, the rifle is on safe and uncocked.

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