Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 

Karachi offers an excellent balance of open area combat, combined with building and rooftop battling. One of the map's main advantages for players is the variation of levels, allowing use of all weapon classes. The small corridors of the buildings benefit shotgun and SMG users where a quick fire rate would be ideal. The rooftop locations and upper floor windows benefits players who use sniper rifles, assault rifles and LMGs as their extended range and damage can be utilized.

The nature of this map isn't friendly to players who use the higher killstreak rewards. Often, airstrikes and helicopters rarely achieve kills because of the abundance of shelter in the many buildings. However, Emergency Airdrops are suited for the map as there are two relatively deserted areas at each main spawn point. 

There are many rooftops on Karachi, which makes it a useful map for completing the Prone Shot challenges.

The bus near objective B in Search and Destroy andDemolition enables players to see enemy names through its surface while prone, meaning it is difficult to hide in.

On Domination it is popular for a player spawning at C to rush the A flag in order to surprise possibly the entire enemy team, especially with explosives.

Although it seems an obvious spot, the blown-out building near the B flag in Domination can be a highly effective method of suppressing an enemy team in Hardcore Ricochet:HQ Pro, especially if their spawn point is in the eastern side of the map. Using a silenced sniper rifle, such as the M21 EBR, can rack up large killstreaks easily, with the only threat being a quick flanker armed with a grenade. The room is surprisingly easy to defend, as enemies have to aim into a dark space while being exposed entirely. 


  • The map is, in fact, a greatly scaled up-port of the Counter-Strike custom map de_karachi. In fact, the modder who made de_karachi (Geoffrey "CompoSITe" Smith) now works for Infinity Ward at the Design and Scripting department; the very designer of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map.[1]
  • If the player initiates spectator mode, parts of "Shock and Awe" can be seen, which is strange, since Karachi is a city in Pakistan and Shock and Awe takes place in Saudi Arabia.
  • Next to the bus, a newspaper receptacle can be seen with a picture of the D-Day invasion.
  • To the left of the OpFor spawn, the Backlot construction building from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfareappears.
  • Near the Navy SEALs spawn behind the iron fence near the docks there are 3 Zodiacs, which is likely how the SEALs arrived in the first place.
  • Under the wooden scaffolding, there are newspaper receptacles that cannot be opened but have ads for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on the front.
  • If the player starts at the Navy SEALs spawn, moves straight forward, past the white van, past the roadblock with the Minigun on it, and go into the blue building on the left. In the corner, there is a photocopier, walk up to it, and it will turn on and start copying. The player can back away and do it again and again. If shot enough times though, the copier will cease to function.
  • On one of the bulletin boards is a green poster that has the outline of an upright teddy bear from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
  • This is a map useful for getting the 'MG Master' challenge completed, as there are three mounted machine guns throughout.
  • Outside of the map are destroyed buildings, all of which will show the entrance to a bathroom, such as some having toilets, bathtubs, and sinks.
  • Some of the newspaper receptacles also have a newspaper with the name "Infinity Ward" on the front, and the main headline is titled "Call of Duty 2".
  • It is possible to explore outside the gaming area of this map without use of hacks or exploits, from all sides. In order to get past the section where the A bomb site is at, use of a Care Package or Sentry Gun drop crate will be required once outside the border.
  • Outside the map are various oil rigs seen from Charlie Don't Surf.
  • In the Hotel building, there is a soda machine next to a counter, this soda machine is colliding with the counter itself.


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